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Once your Amazon reaches level 75 or so (perhaps with a help of a leveling build), you will be in a prime position to respec and pick your endgame Build. Keep in mind that your Build will not only define your skills going forward, but also your optimal weapons and armor.

Below you can find some of the best Amazon builds for Diablo 2.

lightning fury diablo 2

Lightning Javelin (Javazon)

The defining Amazon build, based around the Lightning Fury skill. However, this build is highly dependent on gear, and can face problems with lightning immune monsters on Hell. The build is viable in both PvE and PvP, and is widely considered the strongest Amazon build in the game.

freezing arrow diablo 2

Freezing Arrow (Ice Bowazon)

The Ice Bowazon uses the Freezing Arrow skill to freeze enemies and clear screens. With this build the Amazon will be taking less damage, but she won’t be doing as much either. The Ice Bowazon will, just like the Furyzon, face issues with monsters immune to her chosen element so having some workaround on higher difficulties is essential.

multiple shot diablo 2

Multiple Shot (Physical Bowazon)

The Physical Bowazon makes use of the Multiple Shot and Strafe skills in order to deal a lot of raw damage to enemies. While they are very dependent on gear, they are incredibly powerful with the right equipment, to the point where they can clear entire screens of mobs from a huge distance.

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