Paladin Best Builds

Once your Paladin reaches around level 75 (perhaps with a help of a leveling build), you will be in a prime position to pick and work toward your endgame build. Keep in mind that your build will not only define your skills going forward, but also your optimal weapons and armor.

Below you can find some of the best Paladin builds for Diablo II.

blessed hammer

Blessed Hammer Paladin (Hammerdin/Hdin)

The most popular Paladin build, and one of the most popular builds in all of Diablo II, it is based around the Blessed Hammer skill. While it could get expensive to get all of the gear for this build, the magic damage from Blessed Hammer is very rarely resisted by monsters, making this a great build for any situation.


Smite Paladin (Smiter)

The Smiter utilizes Smite to deal massive damage to single targets. Since the attack can never miss and Stuns, it is excellent at taking down Uber bosses with ease, while taking advantage of high Life and Life Leech makes them very tanky. Their biggest flaw is that they lack area of effect damage, making them ineffective for general play.

fist of the heavens

Fist of the Heavens Paladin (Fist of Heaven)

This build takes advantage of Fist of the Heavens and its synergy with Holy Bolt to wipe out groups quickly. Although the build does require high APM, it is very mobile, and can be effective even without optimal gear.


Zeal Paladin (Zealot)

The Zealot relies mainly on Zeal to be a fast hitting melee attacker. Although it is lacking in AoE damage, it is easy to learn and is great at quickly killing Uber Bosses.

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