Necromancer Skills


  • Bone Armor is very good, and useful for all builds, even those that don’t use many bone spells. Just don’t forget to recast it after every combat.
  • Corpse Explosion is one of the most powerful AOE spells in the game, and it can be chained (One Corpse Explosion creates more Corpses to then explode), but you will need to rely on other methods, such as Bone Spear or your Summoning Skills, to get the first corpse.
  • If you are focusing on Summons, Raise Skeleton and Skeleton Mastery will be core skills, with Revive coming in later. But if you aren’t, then you will probably be summoning Golems instead.
  • Teeth is a great early game damage spell, but it should be replaced with Bone Spear as soon as it is unlocked.
  • Bone Wall and Bone Prison can lock down enemies, Bone Prison is especially useful against bosses, and Bone Wall is more effective against mobs, but it will depend on the situation.
  • Revive can bring back some extremely powerful enemies to fight for you, but they only last 180 seconds.
  • Generally, for most builds, Curses only need a single point of investment to be made viable.
  • After Patch 2.4, Poison skills are better than they used to be, but only if you are willing to make an entire build around them.

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Necromancer Skills

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