Druid Skills


  • Among Elemental Skills, the Wind Skills (Hurricane, Tornado, Twister, and Cyclone Armor) are very powerful because they deal Physical Damage instead of Elemental Damage.
  • When using Elemental Fire Skills, you should use Fissure for most attacks, and Firestorm for close quarters attacks where an AoE isn’t ideal.
  • Gear that boosts Fire Skills for the Sorceress, like Runeword Leaf, will also boost Druid Fire Skills
  • Werewolf and Werebear are powerful melee powerhouses, but are best used alongside summons.
  • Unless you are dedicated to Summoning, Summon Grizzly, Oak Sage, and Summon Dire Wolf, Summon Spirit Wolf are all mostly only good for maintaining enemy attention.
  • Carrion Vine is underrated for survivability.
  • Poison Creeper and Rabies syngergize well, making Druid the strongest poison class.

Best Druid Skills

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Druid Skills

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