Druid Leveling Guide

The fastest way to level a Druid is by using an Elemental Druid build. This build will start as a Fire Elemental Druid, all the way through Nightmare Difficulty. After that, you will respec and transition into a Wind Elemental Druid build in Hell, which is perfectly viable as an endgame build, or you can respec again to create a different endgame build once you reach around level 75.

Leveling General Tips

  • Leveling Druids have some of the most straightforward skill and attribute purchases.
  • As a Fire Druid, Fissure will be your main source of damage, though you will still need Firestorm for certain tight areas.
  • Once you transition to Wind Druid, Hurricane will be your primary damage source and Cyclone Armor will be your main method of Survivability.
    • Tornado will be a secondary way of dealing damage.
  • It is fine if you replace one or more skill recommendations below with a single point into summons, since they can aid you in survivability if you are struggling.
  • Gear which boosts Fire Spells, even that which seems geared towards Sorceress, will in fact increase your Fire Elemental skills, a fact that you should exploit.

Attribute Distribution

The Leveling Druid has incredibly simple Attribute placement: after getting Strength to where it needs to be for gear, every other point should go into Vitality.

  • Levels 2-3: Strength
  • Levels 4-45: Vitality
  • After you Respec, you should put about 30 points into Strength to use all necessary gear, then the rest will go into Vitality for the rest of the build, unless you need higher Strength to use gear later.



After your Respec, you should max out stats in this order:


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Druid Leveling Build

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Druid Leveling


Druid Leveling Guide

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