Druid Best Builds

Once your Druid reaches around level 75 (perhaps with a help of a leveling build), you will be in a prime position to pick and work toward your endgame Build. Keep in mind that your Build will not only define your skills going forward, but also your optimal weapons and armor.

Below you can find some of the best Druid builds for Diablo 2.

hurricane druid skills diablo 2

Elemental Wind Druid

Probably the most powerful Druid build simply because it utilizes spells which do Physical damage. Hurricane, Tornado, and Twister and all devastating spells, and Cyclone Armor provides decent defense.

werewolf druid skills diablo 2

Fury Werewolf Druid

A Druid build centered on the Druid’s Shape Shifting tree, which turns him into a melee powerhouse, similar to the Barbarian. By augmenting his Werewolf and Werebear transformations and synergizing them with a few other skills, the Druid can be quite deadly.

summon grizzly druid skills diablo 2

Beastmaster Druid

A Druid build focusing on summons, making especial use of Summon Grizzly, Oak Sage, and Carrion Vine. While Druid’s summons are generally considered weaker than the Necromancer’s, his ability to join the fray as a Werewolf or use powerful elemental spells can make up for this.

rabies druid skills diablo 2

Poison Rabies Druid

One of the rare poison builds in Diablo 2, and perhaps the most powerful, a Poison Rabies druid will make use of the class’s versatility by making use of the Rabies skill from the Shape Shifting tree and the Poison Creeper from the Summoning tree, as well as some special gear, to make an actually effective Poison-focused build. The low skill cost also makes this one of the most flexible builds, letting you choose what other skills you want to focus on.

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