Paladins are known for wielding the power of light, and charging into groups of enemies using their holy shields. Their skill trees allow them to use the light both for offense and defense, providing various auras and several attacks to smite evil.

    Starting Attributes

    • Strength: 25
    • Dexterity: 20
    • Vitality: 25
    • Energy: 15
    • Hit Points: 55
    • Stamina: 89
    • Mana: 15

    Attribute Point Effect

    • 1 Vitality point gives 3 Life
    • 1 Vitality point gives 1 Stamina
    • 1 Energy point gives 1.5 Mana 

    Increases Per Level

    • Life: +2
    • Stamina: +1
    • Mana: +1.5


Paladins are both a skilled fighter and a proficient magic user, making them arguably the most well rounded Class. Using a one-handed weapon and shield, he specializes in being in the middle of groups of enemies, allowing him to deal with them while protecting himself. On top of this, he can keep an aura up at all times that will help himself and his party with one of many enhancements, adding to his versatility.

Skill Trees

Class Tips

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Paladin Class and Builds


Paladin Overview

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