Assassin Skills


  • Traps are what Assassins are most know for, and for good reason, as even their low-level Fire Blast can be devastating.
    • Laying traps relies on your Attack Speed, both in terms of the weapon you are wielding and the Attack Speed stat.
    • Similarly, the Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry have very strong area-denial capabilities, and are often the key to victory for a Trap Assassin (or “Trapsin”)
  • Burst of Speed is roundly useful, increasing your movement and attack speeds dramatically, including the speed to lay traps. It should, generally, be maintained at all times.
  • After Update 2.4, the Martial Arts tree has been widely buffed. This makes builds focused on Phoenix Strike and the elemental Martial Arts (Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder, and Blades of Ice) more viable.

Best Assassin Skills

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Assassin Skills

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