Assassins are famous for their Katar Weapons, also known as Claws, which synergize well with their skill trees. And yet, the tree that is the least dependent on these iconic weapons – the Traps Skill Tree – is the one that gets the most attention in Assassin Builds, and for a good reason.

You will definitely center your “Trapsin” (Trap Assassin) build around traps like the Wake of Fire, Lightning Sentry, and Death Sentry, but even something like a “Kicksin” build (Martial Arts Assassin/Trap Assassin hybrid) will still include Death Sentry in their main rotation. The standard Assassin Leveling Build will also have the Wake of Fire as its central skill before you branch off to other Skills.

Diablo 2’s Assassin is anything but sneaky and vulnerable — it’s practically a caster class that does not need to worry about their casting speed, but is still one of the most durable classes you could pick from. It’s an explosive, fun surprise.

Starting Attributes

  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Vitality: 20
  • Energy: 25
  • Hit Points: 50
  • Stamina: 95
  • Mana: 25

Attribute Point Effect

  • 1 Vitality point gives 3 Life
  • 1 Vitality point gives 1.25 Stamina
  • 1 Energy point gives 1.75 Mana 

Increases Per Level

  • Life: +2
  • Stamina: +1.25
  • Mana: +1,5

*Note that Assassins are one of the 3 Classes in the game who get a +3 Life per Vitality point, behind Barbarian (who gets a +4).


If you are going for the most popular leveling build, and one of the most famous endgame builds, a Trap Assassin (also called “Trapsin”), you can probably expect to be dashing around the battlefield, setting down traps that wipe out massive groups of enemies, and using whatever means necessary to take down more resistant stragglers. Otherwise, Assassins have to avoid taking a lot of damage, which involves a lot of mobility early on as they build up Vitality and search for better gear.

Their search for gear is assisted a little bit by their unique trait – ability to open locked chests without a key. Depending on your own playstyle, this could become a major inventory space saver in the later game as well.

Skill Trees

Class Tips

  • Assassin Trap Builds (“Trapsins”) are considered easier to play than the Assassin Melee Builds.
  • The speed of Assassin’s Trap-laying is affected by her Increased Attack Speed as opposed to the Faster Cast Rate, despite otherwise functioning similarly to casting Skills (see our Breakpoints page to learn how these stats work). So, having a faster attack weapon means putting traps down quicker.
  • Assassins do not need keys to open locked chests, which helps build more wealth earlier on and helps save valuable space for the endgame.
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