Sorcerer Builds

Once your Sorcerer reaches level 50, you will be in a prime position to pick and work towards your Build. Keep in mind that your Build will not only define your gameplay going forward, but also your optimal armor and weapons.

Below you can find some of the best Sorcerer Builds for Diablo 4.

diablo 4 ball lightning

Ball Lightning

A tanky Build that will rapidly shock all enemies around you. It is effective for both AoE and single targets. Damage from this Build will primarily revolve around Ball Lightning.

diablo 4 arc lash

Arc Lash

A very tanky build that can quickly take out any enemy an group that is close to you by completely overwhelming them with Shock Skills. Damage from this Build primarily revolves around Arc Lash, using it in combination with Unstable Currents.

diablo 4 firewall


A perfect Build if you want to burn groups of enemies while running around them. While not quite as fast as other top Builds, it is very easy to build up and use. Damage from this Build primarily revolves around Firewall.

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Sorcerer Best Builds

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