Sorcerer Skills

The Sorcerer Skills are built to take enemies out in a variety of ways, while keeping at a distance. Their elemental mastery shows through the tiers, with the spells becoming more and more powerful the further you go down the Skill Tree. The Defensive tier will give them safety options in case enemies get close, while the Conjuration tier will grant them some temporary help with damage.

Their Mount Skill is Freezing Wake. It allows them to crystallize into a rushing wisp of ice, dealing 110% damage to and Freezing enemies in their path for 2 seconds.


  • All damaging Skills will deal either Fire, Lightning, or Cold damage.
    • Many of the Skills and Passives of the same element will synergize well with each other.
  • Some Lightning Skills have a chance to form Crackling Energy on the field. These are balls of energy that can be picked up to periodically damage nearby enemies.
  • All Skills (besides the ones in the Ultimate tier) will have an Enhancement, and two Upgrades.
    • Only one Upgrade per Skill can be chosen, and the Enhancement must be learned first.

Skill List

As the name implies, these are your most basic Skills. They are mainly used to apply debuffs, or deal extra damage while you regenerate Mana.

NameMax RankDamage TypeDescriptionEnhancementUpgrade 1 (Glinting)Upgrade 2 (Flickering)
Frost Bolt5ColdThrow a bolt of frost at an enemy, dealing 38% damage and Chilling them for 15%.Frost Bolt has a 15% chance to explode on Chilled targets, hitting surrounding enemies. Chance increased to 100% against Frozen targets.Frost Bolt generates 4 Mana when hitting Chilled or Frozen enemies.Frost Bolt makes Frozen enemies Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
Fire Bolt5FireHurl a flaming bolt, dealing 18% damage and Burning for 44% over 8 seconds.Fire Bolt pierces Burning enemies.Critical Strikes with Fire Bolt increase the Burning damage the target takes by 20% for 4 seconds.Fire Bolt generates 2 Mana when hitting an enemy.
Arc Lash5LightningUnleash arcing lightning that deals 42% damage to enemies in front of you. Every 10 times Arc Lash swipes, it Stuns all enemies hit for 2 seconds.If Arc Lash’s initial swipe Critically Strikes, it swipes an additional time.Hitting a Stunned enemy with Arc Lash reduces your Cooldowns by 0.15 seconds.Gain 6% Movement Speed for 5 seconds per enemy hit with Arc Lash, up to 18%.
Spark5LightningLaunch a bolt of lightning that shocks an enemy 4 times, dealing 10% damage each hit.Each time Spark hits its primary target, it has a 40% chance to hit up to 3 additional enemies, dealing 7% damage. If there are no other enemies to hit, Spark instead deals 20% increased damage to its primary target.Spark grants 2% increased Critical Strike Chance per cast for 5 seconds, up to 8%.Each time Spark hits an enemy it has a 4% chance to spawn a Crackling Energy.

These Skills will be the Sorcerer’s main source of damage. This is where the majority of your Mana will be spent.

NameSkill/PassiveMax RankDamage TypeDescriptionEnhancementUpgrade 1 (Greater)Upgrade 2 (Destructive)
Frozen OrbSkill5ColdUnleash an orb that Chills for 34% and expels piercing shards, dealing a total of 36% damage. Upon expiration, Frozen Orb explodes, dealing 34% damage and Chilling enemies for 9%.When cast above 50 Mana, Frozen Orb’s explosion damage is increased by 30%.Frozen Orb’s explosion has a 30% chance to make all enemies hit Vulnerable for 2 seconds. Frozen Orb always makes Frozen enemies Vulnerable.Frozen Orb’s explosion restores 5 Mana when hitting a Frozen enemy.
Ice ShardsSkill5ColdLaunch 5 shards that deal 25% damage each. Deals 25% increased damage to Frozen enemies.Ice Shards have a 40% chance to ricochet to another enemy. Ice Shards always ricochet off Frozen enemies.While you have a Barrier active, Ice Shards treats enemies as if they were Frozen.Hitting an enemy with 5 Ice Shards in a single cast makes them Vulnerable for 2 seconds.
FireballSkill5FireHurl an exploding ball of fire, dealing 60% damage to surrounding enemies.Casting Fireball increases its radius by 50%.Fireball deals 10% of the Burning damage you’ve applied to enemies as additional direct damage.Fireball’s explosion’s Critical Strike Damage is increased by 20%. This bonus is increased to 30% if Fireball hits at least 3 enemies.
IncinerateSkill5FireChannel a beam of fire, Burning enemies for 54%. Damage per second increases over 4 seconds, up to 66%.While Channeling Incinerate, you burn nearby enemies for 25% of the damage per second.Every 3 seconds an enemy has been hit by Incinerate, they are immobilized for 1 second.Enemies deal 20% less damage while Burning from Incinerate.
Charged BoltsSkill5LightningRelease 5 bolts of lightning that course along the ground in erratic pattern, dealing 30% damage each.Hitting an enemy at least 3 times with the same cast as Charged Bolts releases a lightning nova, dealing 30% damage to enemies around them.Charged Bolts deals 25% increased damage to Stunned enemies.Hitting an enemy with Charged Bolts reduces their damage dealt by 25% for 3 seconds.
Chain LightningSkill5LightningUnleash a stream of lightning that deals 36% damage and chains between nearby enemies and you up to 5 times, prioritizing enemies.Chain Lightning gains a 3% increased Critical Strike Chance per bounce.Each time Chain Lightning bounces, it deals 5% increased damage for its duration.When Chain Lightning Critically Strikes, it has a 30% chance to form a Crackling Energy.
Potent WardingPassive3After casting a Non-Basic Skill, you gain 2% Resistance to all elements and 1% additional Resistance to that Skill’s element for 9 seconds.
DevastationPassive3Your Maximum Mana is increased by 3.
Elemental Dominance (requires 1 Point in Devastation)Passive3Your Core and Mastery Skills deal 3% increased damage when cast over 50 Mana.

These Skills will boost the Socerer’s defensive capabilities, though the approaches will offer a bit of variety.

NameSkill/PassiveMax RankDamage TypeDescriptionEnhancementUpgrade 1 (Mystical)Upgrade 2 (Shimmering)
Flame ShieldSkill5FireEngulf yourself in flames for 2 seconds, Burning surrounding enemies for 40% damage per second.

While Flame Shield is active, you are Immune.
Flame Shield grants 25% Movement Speed while active.You gain 25% Mana Cost Reduction while Flame Shield is active.Flame Shield heals you for 50% of your missing Life.
TeleportSkill5LightningTransform into lightning, becoming Unstoppable and surging to the target location, dealing 25% damage around you upon arrival.Teleport’s Cooldown is decreased by 0.5 seconds per enemy hit, up to 3 seconds.For 4 seconds after Teleporting, Crackling Energy hits 2 additional enemies.After Teleporting, you gain 30% damage reduction for 3 seconds.
Ice ArmorSkill5A Barrier of ice forms around you for 6 seconds, absorbing 30% of your Base Life in damage. While Ice Armor is active, 5% of your damage dealt is added to its Barrier.While Ice Armor is active your Mana Regeneration is increased by 25%.Damage against Vulnerable enemies contributes 50% more to Ice Armor’s Barrier.Enemies that hit you while Ice Armor is active have a 15% chance to be Frozen for 3 seconds.
Frost NovaSkill5Unleash a torrent of frost, Freezing enemies around you for 3 seconds.Killing enemies Frozen by Frost Nova reduces its Cooldown by 1 seconds, up to 4 seconds per cast.Frost Nova’s makes enemies Vulnerable for 4 seconds, increased to 6 seconds against bosses.Frost Nova generates 4 Mana per enemy hit.
Glass CannonPassive3You deal 6% increased damage, but take 3% more damage.
Elemental AttunementPassive3Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have a 5% chance to reset the Cooldown of one of your Defensive Skills. Can only happen once every 10 seconds.

These Skills allow the Sorcerer to briefly summon something to help them in combat.

NameSkill/PassiveMax RankDamage TypeDescriptionEnhancementUpgrade 1 (Summoned)Upgrade 2 (Invoked)
Ice BladesSkill5ColdConjure a pair of ice blades for 6 seconds that rapidly slash enemies for 23% damage and have a 40% chance to make the Vulnerable for 2 seconds.Ice Blades’s Cooldown is reduced by 0.5 second each time it hits a Vulnerable enemy.20% of Enhanced Ice Blades’s Cooldown reduction is applied to your other Skills.Your Ice Blades gain 10% increased Attack Speed per active Ice Blades.
HydraSkill5FireSummon a 3-headed hydra for 10.0 seconds. Each head spits fire at a nearby enemy, dealing 12% damage.

Maximum 1 active Hydra at a time.
While Healthy, your casts of Hydra gain 1 additional head.Hydra also Burns enemies for an additional 12% of its Base damage dealt over 6 seconds.After you Critically Strike, your Hydras gain 30% Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds.
Lightning SpearSkill5LightningConjure a spear of lightning that seeks out enemies for 6.0 seconds, dealing 15% damage per hit.After critically striking, Lightning Spear has a 5% increased stacking critical strike chance for its duration.Collecting Crackling Energy increases the damage of your next Lightning Spear cast by 20%, up to 160%.Lightning Spear Stuns enemies for 2 seconds when Critically Striking.
Precision MagicPassive3Your Lucky Hit Chance is increased by 5%.
Align the ElementsPassive3You gain 3% Damage Reduction against Elites for each second you haven’t taken damage from one, up to 40%.
Mana Shield (requires 1 Point in Align the Elements)Passive3Every time you spend 100 Mana, you gain 7% Damage Reduction for 5 seconds.
Protection (requires 1 Point in Align the Elements)Passive3Using a Cooldown grants 10% of your Maximum Life as Barrier for 3 seconds.
Conjuration MasteryPassive3You deal 1% increased damage for each active Conjuration.

These are powerful AoE Skills that show the Sorcerer’s mastery of the elements.

NameSkill/PassiveMax RankDamage TypeDescriptionEnhancementUpgrade 1 (Mage’s)Upgrade 2 (Wizard’s)
BlizzardSkill5ColdSummon a frigid blizzard that deals 130% damage and continuously Chills enemies for 18% over 8 seconds.Blizzard deals 25% increased damage to Frozen enemies.When cast above 50 Mana, Blizzard’s duration is increased by 4 seconds.While you have an active Blizzard, your Core Skills cost 20% less Mana.
MeteorSkill5FireSummon a meteor that strikes the target location, dealing 80% damage and Burning the ground for 35% damage over 3 seconds.If Meteor hits 3 or more enemies, there is a 30% chance an additional Meteor falls on the same location.Meteor falls 30% faster.Meteor’s impact Immobilizes enemies for 2 seconds.
FirewallSkill5FireCreate a wall of flames that Burns enemies for 160% over 8 seconds.Enemies take 25% increased Burning damage from you while standing in Firewall.Enemies continue burning for 3 seconds after leaving Firewall.You gain 5% increased Mana Regeneration per active Firewall, up to 35%.
Ball LightningSkill5LightningDischarge a ball of lightning that slowly moves forward, continually zapping enemies for 18% damage.Ball Lightning’s damage rate is increased by 200% of your Attack Speed Bonus.After hitting Close enemies 50 times with Ball Lightning, your next cast of it Stuns enemies hit for 1 second.If an enemy is hit at least 4 times by a cast of Ball Lightning, a Crackling Energy is formed. Can only happen once per cast.
Inner FlamesPassive3Your Pyromancy Skills deal 3% more damage while you are Healthy.
Devouring Flames (requires 1 Point in Inner Flames)Passive3You deal 7% increased Critical Strike Damage against Burning enemies. if they are also Immobilized, this bonus is increased to 10%.
Crippling Flames (requires 1 Point in Inner Flames)Passive3Lucky Hit: Your Pyromancy Skills have a 5% chance to Immobilize enemies for 2 seconds. This chance is doubled while you are Healthy.
Static DischargePassive3Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes with Shock Skills have a 5% chance to form a Crackling Energy.
Invigorating Conduit (requires 1 Point in Static Discharge)Passive3Upon absorbing Crackling Energy, you gain 4 Mana.
Shocking Impact (requires 1 Point in Static Discharge)Passive3Every time you Stun an enemy you deal 15% Lightning Damage to them.
Icy VeilPassive3Your Barriers have 5% increased duration.
Cold Front (requires 1 Point in Icy Veil)Passive3While you have a Barrier active, you apply 8% more Chill.
Snap Freeze (requires 1 Point in Icy Veil)Passive3Lucky Hit: Frost Skills have a 3% chance to instantly Freeze.

These are high-impact Skills with long cooldowns. Unlike the other Skills, these have a two-step linear upgrade path. There are also many Passives in this tier to help you focus on a specific element. You can only choose one Skill from this tree. However, you are free to pick as many Passives you want, just like in all of the previous tiers.

NameSkill/PassiveMax RankDamage TypeDescriptionUpgrade 1Upgrade 2
Deep FreezeSkill1ColdEncase yourself in ice, becoming Immune for 4 seconds, continually dealing 25% damage, and Chilling enemies for 14%. When Deep Freeze expires, it deals an additional 100% damage.

Casting Deep Freeze again ends the effect early.
When Deep Freeze ends, gain 10% of your Base Life as a Barrier for 6 seconds for each enemy you Froze while it was active.When Deep Freeze ends, your Non-Ultimate Cooldowns are reduced by 100%.
InfernoSkill1FireSummon a fiery serpent that continually constricts the target area, Burning enemies for 295% damage over 8 seconds.Inferno repeatedly pulls enemies towards its center.While Inferno is active, your Pyromancy Skills cost no Mana.
Unstable CurrentsSkill1LightningLightning surges within you for 10 seconds. Whenever you cast a Shock Skill, a random Core, Conjuration, or Mastery Shock Skill is also cast.Unstable Currents increases Attack Speed by 25% while active.While Unstable Currents is active, collecting Crackling Energy continually pulses and consumes no charges.
PermafrostPassive3Frost Skills deal 5% increased damage to Elites.
Hoarfrost (requires 1 Point in Frostbite)Passive3You deal 3% increased damage to Chilled enemies, and 6% damage to Frozen enemies.
Icy Touch (requires 1 Point in Frostbite)Passive3You deal 4% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies.
Frigid Breeze (requires 1 Point in Permafrost of Icy Touch)Passive3Lucky Hit: Cold damage against Vulnerable enemies has a 20% chance to generate 5 Mana.
Fiery SurgePassive3Killing a Burning enemy increases your Mana Regeneration by 15% for 3 seconds.
Soulfire (requires 1 Point in Immolated Flesh)Passive3After standing still for 1.5 seconds, your Pyromancy Skills cost 5% less Mana.
Endless Pyre (requires 1 Point in Immolated Flesh)Passive3You deal increased Burning damage to enemies for each second they remain Burning, up to 5% after 5 seconds.
Warmth (requires 1 Point in Fiery Surge and Endless Pyre)Passive3Every 1 second, you Heal for 0.3% of your Maximum Life for each nearby Burning enemy. Healing is increased to 0.6%/1.2%/1.8% from bosses.
Coursing CurrentsPassive3Hitting enemies with Shock Skills increases your Critical Strike Chance by 1%. Resets upon getting a Critical Strike.
ElectrocutionPassive3Enemies deal 5% less damage for 5 seconds after being Critically Struck by your Shock Skills.
ConductionPassive3Critical Strikes with Shock Skills increase your Movement Speed by 3% for 3 seconds.
ConvulsionsPassive3Lucky Hit: Shock Skills have a 3% chance to Stun enemies for 3 seconds.

These are powerful Passives that will likely define your Sorcerer’s overall playstyle. Only one of these Passives can be chosen.

NameMax RankDescription
Avalanche1Lucky Hit: Your Frost Skills have up to a 10% chance to make your next cast of Ice Shards, Frozen Orb, or Blizzard consume no Mana and deal 40% more damage. Chance is doubled against Vulnerable enemies.
Shatter1After Freeze expires, enemies explode for 25% of the damage you dealt to them while Frozen.
Overflowing Energy1Crackling Energy hits 1 additional enemy. Each time Crackling Energy hits an enemy, your Shock Skill Cooldowns are reduced by 0.1 seconds, increased to 0.25 seconds against Elites.
Vyr’s Mastery1Close enemies take 10% more damage from your Shock Skills and deal 20% less damage to you. Critical Strikes increase these bonuses by 25% for 3 seconds.
Combustion1Your Burning effects deal 2% increased damage per unique source of Burning you have applied to the enemy. If the enemy is Burning from 3 or more sources, this bonus is doubled.
Esu’s Ferocity1Your Fire Critical Strike Damage is increased by 25% to enemies above 50% Life. Your Fire Critical Strike Chance is increased by 5% to enemies below 50% Life.

Killing an enemy with a Critical Strikes grants both bonuses against all enemies for 3 seconds.
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