Barbarians are a Class specializing in melee combat and brute strength — they truly are a walking arsenal, with a weapon for every occasion.

Equipable Weapons2-Handed Slashing Slot: 2-Handed Axes, Polearms, and Swords

2-Handed Bludgening Slot: 2-Handed Maces

Dual Wield Slots: 1-Handed Axes, Maces, and Swords
Unique MechanicWeapon Expertise

  • Berserking
    • Channel your inner rage to enter and maintain the Berserking state, increasing damage and Movement Speed.
  • Bleed
    • Use Slashing weapons to cause enemies to Bleed, dealing damage to them over time.
  • Walking Arsenal
    • Become a Walking Arsenal, gaining damage and other bonuses for using various weapons in combat.
  • Unbridled Rage
    • The pinnacle of aggression, you have an increased Fury cost to use Skills. In exchange, your Skills are dramatically more powerful.

The primary resource for Barbarians is Fury. It generates over time while in battle, and depletes while out of it. It is used for the Barbarian’s more powerful attacks.

Barbarians are able to equip four weapons at once (two 1-Handed weapons to dual wield, one 2-Handed Bludgeoning weapon, and one 2-Handed Slashing weapon). Many of their Skills will either allow you to choose which of these weapons to use with it, or require one of them. This means that the Barbarian can swap between all of these weapons freely in the middle of battle, or focus on using only one.

Their unique mechanic is Weapon Expertise. It basically allows the Barbarian to have an extra bonus depending on which weapon type they’re using.

Stat Effects

  • Strength – Increases Skill Damage and Armor
  • Intelligence – Increases Resistance to All Elements
  • Willpower – Increases Resource Generation, Healing Received, and Overpower Damage
  • Dexterity – Increases Critical Strike Chance and Dodge Chance


  • With the right combination of Passives and use of Weapon Expertise, you can choose to focus on a single weapon, or be a true walking arsenal and make use of all your weapons in combat.
  • Berserking is a great offensive buff unique to Barbarians, and many Skills and Passives will allow them to keep it up longer.
  • Because of the Barbarian’s Weapon Expertise, they need to be more mindful of the exact weapon type they’re using compared to other Classes.
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