Druids are masters of nature, able to fight in either melee combat or ranged. They come with a few distinct playstyles, being able to shift into Werebear and Werewolf forms, and having access to the elements of nature.

Equipable WeaponsMaces, Axes, Staves, Hammers
Unique MechanicSpirit Boons

The Primary resource for Druids is Spirit. It neither generates nor depletes over time, but is gained by using Basic Skills.

The Druid’s Skills will deal either Physical, Lightning, or Poison damage. They can either choose to be more melee-focused with attacks that turn them into a Werebear or a Werewolf, or attack from a distance with the magic of natural elements (Wind, Lightning, or Earth).

Their unique mechanic is Spirit Boons. This allows them to gain various passive effects that are tied to different animal Spirits.

Stat Effects

  • Strength – Increases Armor
  • Intelligence – Increases Resource Generation and Resistance to All Elements
  • Willpower – Increases Skill Damage, Healing Received, and Overpower Damage
  • Dexterity – Increases Critical Strike Chance and Dodge Chance


  • Many Druid Passives will focus on enhancing shapeshifting or magic Skills. You can use this to your advantage to focus on melee or ranged combat.
    • If going the melee route, you can focus on Werebear or Werewolf attacks, or use a mix of both.
    • Similarly, for ranged you can focus on storm (Wind and Lightning) or Earth magic, or use a bit of both.
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