Barbarian Leveling Build

This is a Build used specifically for leveling your Barbarian. It centers around doing AoE damage to clear enemies quickly while leveling and getting gear for your main Build.

Leveling Builds are a great way to expedite your character to finish the campaign and reach level 50. From there, you can work on setting your Barbarian up with optimal armor and weapons for your preferred Build to prepare for the more challenging levels.


  • Lunging Strike – your main Fury generator that gives a lot of mobility as well.
  • Hammer of the Ancients – this is your main source of damage.
  • Rallying Cry – can be used to boost both movement speed and Fury regen. This move will most likely carry on to your main Build.
  • Charge – a great source of mobility that can potentially carry over to your main Build.
  • Leap – another source of mobility that can generate Fury and allow you to hope over gaps and obstacles.
  • Iron Maelstrom – gives a great source of burst damage.


Once you unlock your Key Passive, you’ll want to get Walking Arsenal, as it will give you a constant damage boost.

Passives to pick up while leveling:

  • Imposing Presence and Aggressive Resistance will increase your survivability.
  • Endless Fury and Pit Fighter will boost your damage.
  • Swiftness – will help with mobility.
  • Prolific Fury, Battle Fervor, Tempered Chat, and Furious Impulse will help with Berserking and Fury regen.

Arsenal System

While leveling, you will want to set the the following Skills to these weapons to take full advantage of the Walking Arsenal system:

  • Hammer of the Ancients – 2-Handed Bludgeoning
  • Lunging Strike – 2-Handed Slashing
  • Leap and Charge – Dual Wield

Once you have unlocked the Weapon Technique slot, you can equip the 1-Handed Axe, so that you can get more Critical Strikes

What’s Next

Once you reach level 50, you can start working towards an endgame Build: these Builds focus on being able to survive and clear endgame content. With this particular build you could swap out a few Skills to readjust it to become the Hammer of the Ancients endgame Build, though there should be nothing stopping you from respec-ing your character entirely to start working towards a completely different Build you like.



Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian Leveling Guide

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Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian Leveling Build Guide

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