Tree of Whispers

The Tree of Whispers is one of the the endgame systems you can take advantage of in Diablo 4. This is a fairly easy activity you can do consistently while working on other things, and it will give you plenty of awards — this includes EXP, gold, gear, and more!

How to Unlock the Tree of Whispers

In order to unlock the Tree of Whispers, you must first complete the main campaign. Once you have, you will get the Priority Quest ‘Whispers of the Dead’. Once you complete this quest, there will be a Waypoint here, and you can begin working Whispers!

Completing Whispers for Grim Favors

Once unlocked, Whispers will show up in random spots all around the world map — these Whispers will change and rotate every hour.

There are 7 different types of Whispers you can find, each having different objectives:

  • Assassination
  • Dungeon
  • Harvest Anima
  • Local Events
  • PvP
  • World Events
  • Culling

Completing Whispers will give you a certain amount of Grim Favors (depending on what the objective was). The color of the objective on the map will help tell you how many Grim Favors you’ll earn — the deeper the red it is, the more difficult the greater the difficulty and rewards are. Once you have collected 10 Grim Favors, you can go to the Tree of Whispers to claim your rewards.

Note that there is a timer for each Whisper, so make sure you have enough time to tackle the one you’re heading to. It’s also worth keeping in mind that there are a set amount of objectives you can clear in a day. This means that if you complete enough of them, you will have to wait until the objectives reset until you can do more.

Rewards (Normal & Greater Collections)

Once you have gotten 10 Grim Favors and give them to the Tree of Whispers, you will be able to chose one of 3 collections to claim.

These collections give you a variety of rewards, including Gold, Gem Fragments, Crafting Materials, Gear, and Nightmare Sigils (at World Tier 3 and 4). The Nightmare Sigils being included here makes this a great method for getting started in tackling Nightmare Dungeons. Below are the possibilities of the rewards you can choose from:

  • Any Armor Slot item
  • Either Weapon Slot items (1-Handed or 2-Handed, not by type)
  • Jewelry Slot item (Rings or Amulets)
  • Chaos (a chance at any of the items)

Occasionally, one of your options will be a greater collections instead of a normal one. These will give you even more items than usual, with one of them guaranteed to be Legendary or higher.

Most of the rewards will focus on a particular gear slot, meaning the gear that drops will only be for the chosen slot. There is also the chance to find a Collection of Chaos. This collection isn’t focused on any particular gear slot, but it will give you more items overall.



Tree of Whispers Guide

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Tree of Whispers Guide

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