Diablo 4 Classes

There are a total of 5 Classes in Diablo 4:

Unlike in the other Diablo games, you will get a chance to choose a persona type for your character and customize their look during character creation. Each class comes with their own unique traits and fighting style. On top of this, there are many ways to build each Class, with a focus on specific Skills and accommodating different playstyles.



diablo 4 barbarian icon 2

A brutal, physical warrior that specializes in versatile melee combat. Barbarians are a walking arsenal, carrying multiple weapons at all times and prepared to face any challenge.

Equipable Weapons2-Handed Slashing Slot: 2-Handed Axes, Polearms, and Swords

2-Handed Bludgening Slot: 2-Handed Maces

Dual Wield Slots: 1-Handed Axes, Maces, and Swords
Unique MechanicWeapon Expertise

The primary resource for Barbarians is Fury. It will slowly refill during battles, and will deplete while out of combat. Their unique mechanic, Weapon Expertise, allows them to have four weapons equipped at all times, and will give them a passive bonus based on the weapon they use in combat.


diablo 4 druid icon 2

If you missed Druids since Diablo II, they are now officially back! And yes, they still have the elemental powers, shapeshifting, and summoning abilities. Though, shapeshifting is now just integrated into using the abilities associated with either the Werewolf or the Werebear form.

Equipable WeaponsStaves, Axes (1 and 2-Handed), and Maces (1 and 2 handed)
Unique MechanicSpirit Boons

The primary resource for Druids is Spirit. It neither increases nor depletes over time. Their unique mechanic, Spirit Boons, allows them to gain various passive boosts tied to different animal Spirits.


diablo 4 necromancer icon

Players are familiar with the Necromancer by now, but the class will now feature some elements from both Diablo II and Diablo III — with the blood, shadow, and bone abilities, complete with the iconic scythe weapon. Once again, we can choose to play a summoner-focused Necromancer, or focus on their more involved assault skills.

Equipable WeaponsDaggers, Wands, Swords (1 and 2-Handed), and Scythes (1 and 2-Handed)
Unique MechanicBook of the Dead

The primary resource for Necromancers is Essence. It slowly refills over time. Their unique mechanic, Book of the Dead, allows them to summon and customize undead companions to help in combat.


diablo 4 rogue icon

A quick, agile fighter that can choose to specialize in melee or ranged combat, or even both. They have many tools on hand to stay ahead of their enemies.

Equipable WeaponsRanged Slot: Bows and Crossbows

Dual Wield Slots: Daggers and Swords
Unique MechanicSpecialization

The primary resource for Rogues is Energy, which slowly refills over time. Their unique mechanic is Specialization, which lets them choose one of three combat systems that can completely change their playstyle.


diablo 4 sorcerer icon

A master of magic that specializes in ranged combat. They have three different elements they can choose from: they can freeze, shock, or burn enemies while inflicting a barrage of damage.

Equipable WeaponsStaves, Daggers, and Wands
Unique MechanicEnchantment Slots

The primary resource for Sorcerer is Mana, which slowly regenerates while in combat. Their unique mechanic is the Enchantments Slots — this allows them to equip any learned Skill in special slots, granting the Sorcerer a passive effect.

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