Rend Barbarian Build

This highly mobile and tanky Build will leave your enemies bleeding out on the floor as you quickly charge your way through dungeons.


This Build mainly revolves around the use of Rend and making enemies Bleed. You will also be using Rupture to cause enemies to take all of their Bleed damage at once. Charge is another essential Skill, giving you high mobility, and another way to spread Rend stacks quickly.

Additional Core Skills:

  • Lunging Strike – can be used to reposition yourself.
  • Rallying Cry – will give you a source of Fury regen, and reduce the Cooldown of your other Skills.
  • Wrath of the Berserker – a powerful buff that enhances many aspects of your Barbarian.


The Key Passive for this Build is Unconstrained, as it will give you more damage, and allow your Berserking to last longer.

Additional Passives:

  • Imposing Presence, Martial Vigor, Aggressive Resistance, and Thick Skin will increase your survivability.
  • Pit Fighter, Cut to the Bone, Counteroffensive, and Wallop will boost your damage.
  • Swiftness, Prolific Fury, Battle Fervor, and Hamstring will help your utility.

Weapon Technique

For this Build, you will want to have 2-Handed Axe Expertise equipped. This will synergize well with the Exploit Glyph, and Enhanced Rend. Set all of your offensive abilities to use your Dual Wield weapons, and make sure you have a Slashing weapon (Sword or Axe) equipped on one hand, and a Mace on the other.

Paragon Board

  • Board 1 (Start):
    • Use Exploit Glyph
    • Connect at the top end
  • Board 2 (Blood Rage):
    • Rotate twice
    • Take Legendary Node
    • Use Ire Glyph
    • Connect at the left end
  • Board 3 (Carnage):
    • Rotate twice
    • Don’t take Legendary Node
    • Use Marshal Glyph
    • Connect at the top end (board 4) and the bottom end (board 5)
  • Board 4 (Warbringer):
    • Rotate 3 times
    • Take Legendary Node
    • Use Territorial Glyph
    • Connect at the right end (board 6)
  • Board 5 (Hemorrhage):
    • Rotate twice
    • Take Legendary Node
  • Board 6 (Decimator):
    • Rotate twice
    • Take Legendary Node
    • Use Ambidextrous Glyph

Glyph Leveling Priorities

Level 15Level 21
1. Marshal1. Ire
2. Ire2. Exploit
3. Exploit3. Marshal
4. Ambidextrous4. Ambidextrous
5. Territorial5. Territorial
  • Marshal’s effects won’t be activated until it reaches level 15.


The Ring of the Ravenous is an essential piece, as it will allow Rend’s Bleed to last longer, and lets Charge apply 2 stacks of the Bleed. Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus, Tuskhelm of Joritz the Might, and Tibault’s Will will all increase your damage.

On top of these pieces, you will want these Legendary Aspects:

  • Ancestral Charge – allows you to spread your Bleed much faster.
  • Weapon Master, Edgemaster, and Limitless Rage will boost your damage.
  • Unrelenting Fury – gives you more Fury regen.
  • Juggernaut and Iron Blood will increase your survivability.
  • Ghostwalker – will increase your mobility.

You will want to use Amethyst Gems on your weapons, Ruby Gems on your armor, and a mix of gems for different Resistances on your jewelry.

Equipment Stat Priorities

SlotStat Priorities
Main Hand1. High DPS (Item Power)
2. Strength
3. Damage while Berserking
4. Vulnerable Damage
5. All Stats
6. Damage to Close Enemies
7. Damage with Core Skills
Off-Hand1. High DPS (Item Power)
2. % increased damage per point of Fury
3. Maximum Fury
2-Handed Slashing1. Strength
2. Damage while Berserking
3. Vulnerable Damage
4. All Stats
5. Damage to Close Enemies
6. Damage with Core Skills
2-Handed Bludgeoning1. Strength
2. Damage while Berserking
3. Vulnerable Damage
4. All Stats
5. Damage to Close Enemies
6. Damage with Core Skills
Helm1. Ranks of Aggressive Resistance
2. Maximum Fury
3. Damage while Berserking
Chest Armor1. Damage Reduction while Fortified
2. Maximum Life
3. Damage Reduction
4. Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
5. Damage Reduction from Bleeding Enemies
Gloves1. Ranks of Rend
2. Attack Speed
3. Strength
4. All Stats
5. Physical Damage over Time
Pants1. % increased damage while Unstoppable
2. Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
3. Maximum Resource
Boots1. Movement Speed
2. Any 3 Resistances except Fire and Shadow
3. Fury Cost Reduction
Amulet1. Ranks of Brawling Skills
2. Cooldown Reduction
3. Movement Speed
4. Damage Reduction while Injured
5. Fury Cost Reduction
6. Ranks of Wallop
7. Ranks of Cut to the Bone
8. Ranks of Counteroffensive
Rings1. Rend Duration increase
2. Resource Generation



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