Paragon Boards

Paragon Boards are an important way to power up your character once they pass level 50 — they are arguably the biggest source of power for your Build.

The boards will first unlock once you reach level 50, and will essentially replace the way you level up (meaning, you will no longer earn Skill Points from leveling like you did in the first 50 levels and will be focusing on Paragon Boards instead). While this is a powerful way to increase your character’s potential, it can also be confusing with how much is involved in it.

Paragon Points

Once Paragon Boards are unlocked, you will need to gain Paragon Points to progress through your boards. There are 3 ways you can earn points:

  • Leveling from from 50-100
  • Renown Rewards
  • Alters of Lilith

By the time you reach level 100 and complete all of the Renown and Alters of Lilith, you should have gotten a total of 225 Paragon Points to spend.

Paragon Board Nodes

The layout of the boards create a large grid, with 6 different types of Nodes total:

  • Normal
  • Magic
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Glyph Socket
  • Board Attachment Gate

Normal & Magic Nodes

Normal and Magic Nodes are the most straightforward. The Normal Nodes simply give +5 to one of your main Attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, or Dexterity). The Magic Nodes, on the other hand, will either give a higher boost towards an Attribute, or give an affix bonus (such as boosting the power of your Core Skills by a certain amount.

Rare Nodes

Rare Nodes provide a much better boost — not only will they give 2 bonuses (either increasing an Attribute or giving an affix bonus), but they can grant a 3rd bonus as well.

In order to unlock this extra bonus, you will have to get one or two specific Attributes up to minimum level — as you start attaching more Paragon Boards, this threshold will increase.

Legendary Nodes

Every Board after your first one will have one Legendary Node. These Nodes will give a specific bonus that can have a huge impact on your character. Each new Board you attach will have a general theme based around what its Legendary Node is.

Note that while these are powerful, not every Legendary Node will be beneficial to your specific Build, meaning that you may opt to ignore these Nodes and and spend your points elsewhere.

Glyphs and Board Attachment Gates are a bit more complicated, so let’s go over each of them in turn.

Paragon Board Glyphs

Just like Legendary Nodes, every Board will have a Node for a Glyph Socket.

  • There are 2 types of Glyphs you can put into these sockets: Magic and Rare.
    • While you will start with all of the Magic Glyphs, you will have to find the Rare versions of them through doing Dungeons and endgame activities — they will start dropping after you reach level 50, and when you are in at least World Tier 3.
    • If you need help unlocking higher world tiers, we have a guide on Capstone Dungeons that goes over this process.
  • Once placed, the Glyph will be at level 1. They can be leveled by clearing out Nightmare Dungeons, up to a cap of level 15.
  • When placing a Glyph, you will also notice that it has a radius — this indicates what Nodes you need to work on to activate its secondary effect.
    • In order to activate the effect, you will need to have a certain amount of an Attribute within this radius. Once you get the Glyph to a certain level (4 for Magic ones, and 15 for Rare ones), this radius will increase, giving you more room.

Board Attachment Gate and Attaching New Boards

The final Node in the Paragon Boards are the Board Attachment Gates.

  • Every board will have 4 Attachment Gates: 1 in the center of the four board edges.
    • The only exception to this is your starting Board, which will only have one on the top edge.
  • Once you activate this Node, you will gain +5 to all of your Attributes, and you will have to opportunity to attach a new Board to your grid.
  • Each Class gets 8 unique Paragon Boards they can choose from to attach. When choosing, you can see what Legendary Node they have, as well as their Rare Nodes to get an idea of their theme.
  • You can also choose to preview the Board, allowing you to see what the layout of the Board will be, and giving you a chance to rotate it, changing where your starting point will be.
  • Once you are satisfied with your choice, you can press the Attach Board button to add the new Board to your grid.



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