Sorcerers are a ranged Class that is an expert of all things magic. With access to spells imbued with elemental magic, they have plenty of options for how they want to take down enemies.

Equipable WeaponsStaves, Daggers, and Wands
Unique MechanicEnchantment Slots

The primary resource for Sorcerers is Mana. It generates over time while in battle. Mana is used for many of the Sorcerer’s Skills.

The Sorcerer’s Skills will deal either Fire, Lightning, or Cold damage. Typically, Cold spells will focus on Crowd Control, Fire spells will focus on damage over time, and Lightning spells will focus on burst damage to groups of enemies.

Their unique mechanic are the Enchantment Slots. Any Sorcerer Skill can be placed in these slots, and doing so will give them a passive bonus in battle.

Stat Effects

  • Strength – Increases Armor
  • Intelligence – Increases Skill Damage and Resistance to All Elements
  • Willpower – Increases Resource Generation, Healing Received, and Overpower Damage
  • Dexterity – Increases Critical Strike Chance and Dodge Chance


  • Many Passives will benefit only one of the three elemental damages. You can use this to your advantage to focus on a single element.
  • Some Lightning Skills have a chance to form Crackling Energy on the field. These are balls of energy that can be picked up to restore Mana.
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