There are many merchants you can find inside towns in Diablo 4. Each one will assist you in different ways, like converting Items in your inventory into scrap, upgrading your Potion, or giving your equipment legendary powers.

Diablo 4 Merchants


Jewelers specialize in combining gems and manipulating sockets in gear.

  • Craft Gems – combines a set number of the same gem to produce a gem of a higher level.
  • Unsocket – removes a gem from any piece of gear, if it’s socketed with one. This costs nothing and doesn’t damage the piece of gear or the gem.
  • Add Socket – allows you to add a socket to a piece of gear that does not currently have one.
  • Upgrade Item – allows you to upgrade any piece of Jewelry you have, increasing its stats. (The Blacksmith can upgrade the rest of your Gear.)


Occultists specialize in adding and removing legendary aspects from your equipment.

  • Imprint Aspect – allows you to imprint a legendary aspect into a piece of gear.
    • You cannot imprint a piece of Legendary Gear.
    • You can either use an aspect from your Codex of Power or your Aspect Inventory to imprint a piece of gear.
  • Extract Aspect – removes the aspect from a Legendary Gear, and adds it to your Aspect Inventory.
    • The piece of gear is destroyed in the process.
  • Craft Sigils – use materials to craft Sigils.
    • These Sigils are used to transform a dungeon into a Nightmare Dungeon.
  • Salvage Sigils – can salvage Sigils in your inventory and turn them into materials.
  • Enchant Item – allows you to replace an affix in a Rare or Legendary piece of gear with a new one.
    • Once you reroll an aspect, only that affix can be rerolled on the piece of gear again.
    • The gold cost to reroll increases for a piece of gear each time you do it.


Alchemists specialize in upgrading your potion and crafting Elixirs.

  • Upgrade Potion – upgrades your Potion, increasing its potency.
    • Upgrades are locked behind levels.
  • Craft Elixirs – craft Elixirs, which can be consumed to grant a temporary buff.
  • Refine Resources – combine materials used in making Elixirs to create higher level materials.
  • Craft Incense – use materials to create incenses.

Purveyor of Curiosities

The Purveyor of Curiosities is a special vendor that will sell a random piece of gear for a specified slot at the cost of Murmuring Obols. They also sell Whispering Keys, which can be used to open Silent Chests on the world map.


Blacksmiths specialize in repairing and salvaging gear.

  • Salvage – Salvage any piece of gear into materials.
    • The material Salvaged will depend on the quality of gear being destroyed.
  • Repair – Restore any piece of gear back to full durability.
    • The more damaged your gear is, the higher this will cost.
  • Upgrade Item – upgrade any piece of gear (minus Jewelry), increasing its stats. (The Jeweler can upgrade Jewelry items for you.)
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