Rogue Weapons

Once you reach level 50 and have chosen a Build for your Rogue, you will want to start picking out the best weapons to complement it. The weapons or Legendary Aspects are designed to enhance either a specific Skill, a group of Skills, or your overall damage. Some of these will be best for a specific Build, but many will be good for most, if not all Rogues.

Best Rogue Weapons

diablo 4 condemnation


Increases the damage of your Core Skills when using 3 Combo Points, and gives Basic Skills a chance to instantly grant 3 Combo Points.
Best Build: Any
Most of the top Builds revolve around a Core Skill and use Combo Points, so this is a huge damage boost for all of them.

diablo 4 skyhunter


Makes the first direct damage you deal to an enemy a guaranteed Critical Strike. It also causes Skills using Precision stacks to deal increased Critical Strike Damage and give Energy.
Best Build: Barrage Build and Penetrating Shot Build
As both of these Builds take advantage of Precision, this is a huge damage boost.

Best Rogue Legendary Aspects

diablo iv offensive legendary aspect

Bladedancer’s Aspect

(Offensive Aspect)
Enhances Twisting Blades to give it an extra form of damage.
Best Build: Twisting Blades Build
Allows your main source of damage to have an extra use.

diablo iv offensive legendary aspect

Accelerating Aspect

(Offensive Aspect)
Causes Critical Strikes with your Core Skills to increase your Attack Speed.
Best Build: Twisting Blades Build
Will give you a consistent damage boost.

diablo iv offensive legendary aspect

Rapid Aspect

(Offensive Aspect)
Increases the Attack Speed of Basic Skills.
Best Build: Barrage Build
Let’s you build up Combo Points and Energy quicker.

diablo iv offensive legendary aspect

Icy Alchemist’s Aspect

(Offensive Aspect)
Gives your Shadow Imbued Skills a chance to cause an explosion that deals Cold damage and Chills enemies.
Best Build: Penetrating Shot Build
Gives you some extra AoE damage.

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