Druid Leveling Build

This is a Build used specifically for leveling your Druid. It centers around crushing enemies with earth pillars while leveling and getting gear for your main Build.

Leveling Builds are a great way to expedite your character to finish the campaign and reach level 50. From there, you can work on setting your Druid up with optimal armor and weapons for your preferred Build to prepare for the more challenging levels.


  • Wind Shear – makes enemies Vulnerable, as well as giving you a boost in Movement Speed.
  • Landslide – this is your main source of damage.
  • Blood Howl – heals you and gives you a source of Spirit regen.
  • Poison Creeper – gives you a great source of AoE damage.
  • Trample – your main source of mobility.
  • Petrify – Stuns a large group of enemies while also boosting your damage.


Once you unlock your Key Passive, you’ll want to get Ursine Strength, as it will work well with this Build’s Skill combination.

Passives to pick up while leveling:

  • Ancestral Fortitude, Safeguard, and Circle of Life will increase your survivability.
  • Wild Impulses, Crushing Earth, Stone Guard, Defiance, Resonance, and Natural Disaster will boost your damage.
  • Heart of the Wild and Abundance will keep your Spirit high.

Spirit Boons

You will want to bond with the Eagle Spirit, then take the following Boons:

  • Wariness – will boost your survivability against Elites.
  • Packleader – will keep the Cooldown of Poison Creeper low.
  • Avian Wrath, Swooping Attacks, and Obsidian Slam will boost your damage.

What’s Next

Once you reach level 50, you can start working towards an endgame Build: these Builds focus on being able to survive and clear endgame content. You can either make adjustments to this Build to make one focused around Landslide, or you can respec your character entirely to start working towards a completely different Build you like.



Landslide Druid Leveling Guide

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Landslide Druid Leveling Build Guide

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