Mounts are a huge convenience in Diablo IV — not only will they help you navigate Sanctuary much faster, but every Class also gets a unique attack on dismount to get the upper hand on a group of enemies. However, you will not be getting a mount early on, and the game is not clear on what you need to do to unlock them, but we will walk you through the process below.

There are two different ways to unlock mounts:

  • If you go through the story, you will need to complete Acts I-III before you get the correct quest.
  • If you opt to skip the story, you will need to reach level 25 before you get the correct quest.

We will explain each of these below.

Note that once you have unlocked mounts on one character, all of the other characters in that Realm (Eternal or Seasonal) will have them unlocked automatically. In other words, you only need to do this once per account (or once per Season).

How to Unlock Mounts in the Story Mode

  • Complete Acts I-III
  • Once you start Act IV, you will get a quest called “Donan’s Favor”
  • Completing this quest will give you access to the Mount feature
    • You also get your first mount for free!

How to Unlock Mounts with Story Skipped

  • Level up until you reach around level 25
  • Once you reach a high enough level, you will automatically get the Priority Quest “Mount: Donan’s Favor”
  • Head over to the Stable in Kyovashad and speak to Oscar
  • Select the option “I’m a friend of Donan’s” to complete the quest and unlock the Mount feature
    • You also get your first mount for free!

How to Get More Mounts

Once you have the feature unlocked, you can go to any stable to customize your mount, or swap the mount for another one you own. It’s worth noting that all of the mounts function the same way: changing mounts is purely for cosmetic purposes.

There are several ways you can unlock new mounts:

  • Buy from Stables
  • Earn through Battle Passes
  • From completing Challenges
  • Random drops from dungeons or events
  • Purchase from the Premium Shop
  • Buy from the PvP Vendor
  • Getting the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game



Diablo 4 Mount Overview

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