Stormclaw Druid Build

A very easy to play Build that specializes in melee combat, while allowing you to be very tanky.


This Build mainly revolves around the use of Claw. With the Greatstaff of the Crone equipped, this Skill will also cast Storm Strike when used, meaning you can spam two Skills at the same time at no cost or Cooldown.

Additional Core Skills:

  • Trample – your main source of mobility, as well as your main way of turning into a Werebear.
  • Blood Howl – gives you a boost in Attack Speed and a heal.
  • Poison Creeper – helps boost your damage.
  • Petrify – gives you a massive boost in damage, while also Stunning enemies.
  • Hurricane – further boosts your damage, as well as providing some damage reduction.


The Key Passive for this Build is Bestial Rampage, as it will provide a consistent damage boost.

Additional Passives:

  • Ancestral Fortitude, Vigilance, and Neurotoxin will increase your survivability.
  • Predatory Instinct, Elemental Exposure, Endless Tempest, Bad Omen, Toxic Claws, Envenom, and Defiance will boost your damage.
  • Digitigrade Gait – will boost your Movement Speed.

Spirit Boons

You will want to bond with the Snake, then take the following Boons:

  • Masochistic – provides a great source of healing.
  • Calm Before the Storm – keeps the Cooldown of Petrify low.
  • Avian Wrath – gives a boost in damage.
  • Packleader – keeps the Cooldown of Poison Creeper low.
  • Wariness – to increase your survivability against Elites.

Paragon Boards

  • Board 1 (Start):
    • Use Electrocution Glyph
    • Connect at the top end
  • Board 2 (Heightened Malice):
    • Don’t rotate
    • Take Legendary Node
    • Use Fang and Claw Glyph
    • Connect at the left end
  • Board 3 (Inner Beast):
    • Don’t Rotate
    • Don’t take Legendary Node
    • Use Earth and Sky Glyph
    • Connect at the top end (board 4) and the left end (board 6)
  • Board 4 (Thunderstruck):
    • Rotate once
    • Take Legendary Node
    • Use Territorial Glyph
    • Connect at the right end
  • Board 5 (Constricting Tendrils):
    • Rotate once
    • Don’t take Legendary Node
    • Use Werewolf Glyph
  • Board 6 (Ancestral Guidance):
    • Rotate twice
    • Don’t take Legendary Node
    • Use Spirit Glyph

Glyph Leveling Priorities

Level 15Level 21
1. Electrocution1. Territorial
2. Fang and Claw2. Fang and Claw
3. Earth and Sky3. Earth and Sky
4. Territorial4. Werewolf
5. Spirit5. Spirit
6. Werewolf6. Electrocution


The Greatstaff of the Crone is essential to this Build, allowing you to cast Claw and Storm Strike at the same time. Paingorger’s Gauntlets will boost the damage of these Skills.

On top of these pieces, you will want these Legendary Aspects:

  • Rapid, Moonrise, and Adaptability will increase your damage.
  • Undying, Vigorous, Might, and Metamorphosis will help your survivability.

You will want to use Topaz Gems on your weapon, Ruby Gems on your armor, and a mix of gems for different resistances on your jewelry.

Equipment Stat Priorities

SlotStat PrioritiesTempering
Main Hand1. Ranks To Claw
2. Damage to Close Enemies
3. Non Physical Damage
4. Damage To Crowd Controlled
Helm1. Maximum Life
2. Willpower
3. Lucky Hit Chance
4. Resistance
– Maximum Life
– Chance to Stun/Freeze
Chest Armor1. Maximum Life
2. Resistance
3. Willpower
4. Armor
– Maximum Life
– Chance to Stun/Freeze
Gloves1. Critical Strike Chance
2. Attack Speed
3. All Stats
4. Basic Skill Damage
Pants1. Ranks of Basic Skills
2. Maximum Life
3. Willpower
4. Resistance
– Total Armor
– Chance to Stun/Freeze
Boots1. Movement Speed
2. Resistance
3. Armor
4. Max Life/Willpower
– Movement Speed
– Chance to Stun/Freeze
Amulet1. Ranks to Envenom
2. Attack Speed
3. Critical Strike Chance
4. % Total Armor
– Damage To Close Enemies
– Movement Speed
Rings1. Attack Speed
2. Critical Strike Chance
3. Chance To Apply Vulnerable
4. Maximum Life
5. Willpower
– Damage To Close Enemies
Hurricane Cooldown Reduction



Stormclaw Druid Endgame Guide

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Stormclaw Druid Endgame Build Guide

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