The Crusader is a melee class that uses holy power to smite their enemies, powering themselves up with Laws Skills. Despite their bulky appearance, many of their Builds actually have very high attack speed.

Primary StatStrength
Equipable WeaponsAll non-exclusive melee weapons except for Staves.
Unique ArmorCrusader Shields (Off-Hand)
Unique WeaponsFlails (both 1-Handed and 2-Handed)
  • The primary resource for Crusaders is Wrath. It refills slowly by itself, and it can be naturally refilled with Primary Attacks.
    • Skills, Passives, and Armor passives can help with gaining Wrath quicker.
  • The best Follower for Crusaders is typically the Enchantress, as she is the only Follower who can provide Cooldown Reduction.
  • The best Legendary Potion for Crusader is the Bottomless Potion of Amplification, which will boost your healing.

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Crusader Class Overview​

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