The Barbarian is a Class that specializes in melee combat, uses leaps, shouts, and powerful attacks to brutally kill enemies.

Primary StatStrength
Equipable WeaponsAll non-exclusive melee weapons except for Staves.
Unique ArmorMighty Belts (Waist)
Unique WeaponsMighty Weapons (both One-Handed and Two-Handed)
  • The primary resource for Barbarians is Fury. It typically decays over time, and can be raised by taking damage. It is used for the Barbarian’s more powerful attacks.
    • Using Primary Skills and taking advantage of various Runes, Passives, and Armor passives will help restore Fury.
  • The best Follower for Barbarians is typically the Enchantress, as she is the only Follower who can provide Cooldown Reduction.
  • The best Legendary Potion for Barbarians is typically the Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid, which will allow you to break walls created by Waller enemies when used.

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Barbarian Class Overview​

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