Visions of Enmity

The Visions of Enmity are a new mechanic added to Diablo 3 during Season 29 — Diabolical Fissure, a portal, can now appear when killing enemies out in the open world. These Fissures will take you into a randomized mini-dungeon, and these dungeons can be a great way to obtain resources.

Unlocking Visions of Enmity and Entering Diabolical Fissures

  • There are no requirements to unlock the Visions of Enmity. You can start finding them immediately (even at level 1).
  • A Diabolical Fissure can open from killing any enemy in the open world.
    • Since they open randomly from enemy kills, areas with a high monster density will give you a better chance of spawning one.
    • The Fissure will appear as a bright purple portal.
    • Only one portal can be opened at a time.

Progressing and completing Visions of Enmity

  • Visions of Enmity will have up to 10 levels you can progress through.
  • In order to complete a floor, you simply need to defeat all the enemies.
  • Every enemy has a chance to open a portal to the next level.
    • If no portal spawns, that will be the end of the Vision.
  • The number of floors (and the rewards) within a Vision are not based off of efficiency, speed, or survival; it is completely random.

Visions of Enmity Mechanics

  • Monsters within the Visions of Enmity are completely randomized, with a chance of special mobs appearing.
    • The special mob type will be the same for the entire floor, and these types can include Champion packs, Treasure Goblins, and even 3 Rift Guardians
      • Rift Guardians drop Greater Rift Stones for Greater Rifts; typically, you can only face off 1 at a time anywhere else in the game.
  • There are 2 new affixes that enemies can have, exclusive to the Visions of Enmity:
    • Enervating: Creates an area of effect around the monster that reduces the player’s Movement Speed by 65% and Cooldown Reduction by 50% if the player is in the vicinity of the monster.
    • Necrotic: The player’s healing is reduced by 65%. Monsters have a damage-over-time effect that deals 180% of the player’s max health over 30 seconds. This effect is removed if the player is healed above 95%.
  • There are no Pylon or Shrine buffs within the Visions of Enmity.


  • No matter how many floors you end up having in your Vision, the final floor will always spawn a Diabolical Chest.
  • The Diabolical Chests contain plenty of legendaries, and up to 60 Bounty specific crafting materials.
    • This makes the Visions of Enmity an excellent alternative to doing Bounties for materials.

Visions of Enmity Explained

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Visions of Enmity Mechanics

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