Barbarian Builds

Once your Barbarian reaches level 70 (perhaps with a help of a leveling build), you will be in a prime position to pick and work towards your Build. Keep in mind that your Build will not only define your gameplay going forward, but also your optimal armor and weapons.

Below you can find some of the best Barbarian builds for Diablo III.

x1 barbarian ancientspear

Raekor Boulder Toss

This build gives the Barbarian somewhat of a ranged option while dealing large AoE damage. Damage on this build will primarily revolve around Ancient Spear, assisted by Furious Charge and Weapon Throw.

diablo 3 hammer of the ancients

LoD Hammer of the Ancients

(LoD refers to the Legacy of Dreams Legendary Gem)

A fast hitting, tanky build that is capable of dealing large AoE damage. It does not rely on any sets, but rather a few legendaries to enhance your Skills. Damage on this build primarily revolves around Hammer of the Ancients.

barbarian whirlwind

Waste Whirlwind Rend

A highly mobile and easy-to-use Build that focuses on dealing damage with DoTs. Damage dealt with this build will primarily rely on Rend, which will be spread with Whirlwind.

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Barbarian Best Builds

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