Wizard Weapons

Once you reach level 70 and have chosen a Build for your Wizard, you will want to start picking out the best weapons to complement it. Just like with the armor sets, the weapons are designed to enhance specific Skills from the Wizard’s arsenal, which we will mention in the Best Weapons section of this guide. Note that while some of these weapons work best for a particular build when they are equipped, others should be Cubed (their effect stored via Kanai’s Cube).

Wizard’s unique weapons are Wands (1-Handed).

  • Wizards will generally want to use a 1-handed weapon and a Source.
  • The specific best weapons will be based on the build you choose. You will always want to use a Flawless Royal Emerald on your weapon socket for the extra Critical Hit Damage.

Best Wizard Weapons

diablo 3 the grand vizier

The Grand Vizier

Reduces the cost of Meteor and increases its damage.
Best Use: Equip; Tal Rasha Meteor Build or Cube; LoD Meteor Build.
It enhances your primary source of damage.

diablo 3 the smoldering core

The Smoldering Core

Increases the damage of Meteor and causes lesser enemies to be lured to the area of impact.
Best Use: Cube; Tal Rasha Meteor Build.
It enhances your primary source of damage.

wizard the twisted sword

The Twisted Sword

(1-Handed Sword)
Increases the damage of Energy Twister, grants it the Raging Storm Rune, and allows the tornadoes to merge with each other.
Best Use: Equip; LoD Twister Build.
Greatly enhances the Build’s main Skill.

wizard valtheks rebuke

Valthek’s Rebuke

Increases the damage of Energy Twister and causes it to travel in a straight path.
Best Use: Cube; LoD Twister Build.
Greatly enhances Energy Twister’s damage.

wizard fragment of destiny

Fragment of Destiny


Causes your Signature (Primary) Spells to attack faster and deal more damage, as well as grant you a Spectral buff when hitting enemies with the Spells. This Spectral buff will increase the damage of your Hydras.
Best Use: Equip; LoD Meteor
The extra Attack Speed will boost your Arcane Power generation and overall damage.

Wizard Weapon Set

wizard chantodos will

Chantodo’s Resolve (2 Pieces)

Set Pieces:

Set Bonus:

  • 2 set:
    • Every second while in Archon form you expel a Wave of Destruction, dealing 4000% weapon damage to enemies within 30 yards. This damage scales with attack speed.
    • Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, 4000% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times.
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