Gold Farming

Gold is the primary resource in Diablo III, and is used for just about everything. Once you’re level 70, you will get plenty of it just from doing most of the activities in the game, but there are ways to get even more of it, when needed.

Boon of the Hoarder

The Boon of the Hoarder Gem is probably the best way to give yourself a Gold boost. This Legendary Gem will have a chance to cause an explosion of Gold on enemy kill, with the chance increasing the higher level the gem is. This is, however, the only Legendary Gem in the game that will not drop from Greater Rifts.

  • Instead, to get this gem, you must head into The Vault and defeat the final boss there.
    • For details on how to get to The Vault, look at its dedicated section further down this page.
  • Keep in mind that this gem is best used if you play solo, as the enemies can only explode if you are the one that kills them.

Other Helpful Gear

  • All pieces of armor can have a secondary stat of Gold Find, with notable examples being Sun Keeper, Devil Tongue, and The Raven’s Wing.
    • Gold Find increases the gold dropped from enemies.
  • 3 pieces of the Blackthorne’s Battlegear Set will get you 25% extra Gold from monsters.
  • The Flawless Royal Emerald will give an extra 41% Gold Find if socketed on your Helm (or 82% if using Leoric’s Crown).
  • Goldskin has a chance for enemies to drop gold every time you hit them. The effect Emanates (applies even if you give it to your Follower).
  • Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander has a chance of giving you a random Shrine effect when you kill a demon.
    • One of these possible Shrine effects is the Fortune buff, which increases your chance to find Gold by 25%.

Other Bonuses from Gold

The gear below doesn’t get you more Gold, but if you are going for a dedicated Gold hunt with boosted Gold Find, these items could synergize with that pretty well.


  • Non-combat pets can be acquired through the Blizzard Store, special events, or various achievements.
  • Once you get one, go to the Wardrobe next to the Mystic to equip it, and it will start following you around everywhere.
  • These pets can be equipped by anyone, regardless of Class, and will pick up all Gold in the area for you, so you don’t have to worry about it while farming.

Farming Methods

Once you have your best gear and a pet in place, there are a couple of special locations you can farm for Gold if you want to get better drops.


  • This is the most straightforward way – you can simply run Nephalem Rifts at Torment XVI difficulty, to get the largest amount of gold out of it.
  • You don’t have to grind out the helpful gear before doing Rifts: as your character gets more valuable drops, you can swap more of your normal gear for items that will boost the Gold you acquire.

The Vault

The Vault is a special level that is easily the best place to farm Gold, as well as crafting materials and gems. This area has plenty of Treasure Goblins, along with Gilded Barons (a Treasure Goblin variant that drops a lot of Gold).

  • To access The Vault, you will need a Puzzle Ring. This Ring has the same chance to drop from enemies as a typical Legendary piece of gear.
    • You can increase your chances of getting these Rings by spending Blood Shards at Kadala.
    • Using a level 31 character, there is a 1 in 3 chance (33.33%) for a Legendary Ring bought from her to be a Puzzle Ring.
  • Once you have a Ring, use it at Kanai’s Cube (no recipe) and a portal will open to The Vault.
  • If you use an Ancient Puzzle Ring, you will get an enhanced version of The Vault.
    • This version has a massive amount of Treasure Goblins and their variants, giving you an even bigger haul of Gold than the normal Vault.

Gold Find Explained

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