Echoing Nightmares

The Echoing Nightmare is a dungeon tied directly to Greater Rifts. This wave-based dungeon can grant you even more gear, and a way to upgrade your equipment even further.

Entering an Echoing Nightmare

  • To get into an Echoing Nightmare, you must first find a Petrified Scream from a Greater Rift.
    • This is not a guaranteed drop from any Level
  • Once you have one, you must transmute it in Kanai’s Cube, and you will be sent to the Nightmare.
    • Unlike Greater Rifts, if you’re in a group, only one party member needs a Petrified Scream for the entire party to enter one.

Completing an Echoing Nightmare

  • You cannot complete an Echoing Nightmare. You simply fight wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies until you are either Overwhelmed (tracked by a meter while in the Nightmare) or you die.
  • Once you’ve made it as far as you can, you will get rewards based on the highest difficulty wave you reached.
    • The cap for rewards and monster difficulty is 150. While there are higher ranks, there’s no reason to go past 150.

Whisper of Atonement

  • Whisper of Atonement is a unique reward for finishing an Echoing Nightmare.
  • This is a Legendary Gem. However, it has no effect when equipped on an item.
  • It is instead used for the Caldesann’s Despair recipe in Kanai’s Cube, to give a piece of equipment a stat boost.
  • The rank you get the Whisper of Atonement initially will depend on the wave you have reached during the Echoing Nightmare.
    • The highest rank a Whisper of Atonement can be when dropped is 125. The maximum rank it can be upgraded to is 150.
    • Like with all other Legendary Gems, Whisper of Atonement’s rank can be increased by completing Greater Rifts within the time limit.

Echoing Nightmares Explained

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