Necromancer Armor

Once you reach level 70 and have picked a Build for your Necromancer, you will want to start assembling an armor set and weapons that complement it. Keep in mind that class armor sets are designed to enhance one or more of your character’s Skills, so we left some recommendations in the Best Armor Sets section to assist you in making your choice.

The rest of the guide comes with the full list of Necromancer Armor Sets, their individual pieces, and their set bonuses.

Best Necromancer Armor Sets

necromancer rathmas skull helm

Set Items: Rathma’s Skull Helm, Rathma’s Skeletal Legplates, Rathma’s Spikes, Rathma’s Ribcage Plate, Rathma’s Macabre Vambraces, Rathma’s Ossified Sabatons.

  • Can be obtained with Haedrig’s Gift.
  • Is used for the Rathma Army of the Dead build.
  • The full set allows your minions to massively enhance Army of the Dead, significantly reducing its cooldown, and giving it a huge damage boost.
  • It also allows your minions to give you damage reduction.
diablo 3 tragouls guise

Set Items: Trag’Oul’s Guise, Trag’Oul’s Claws, Trag’Oul’s Hide, Trag’Oul’s Scales, Trag’Oul’s Stalwart Greaves, Trag’Oul’s Heart.

  • Is used for the Trag’Oul’s Death Nova build.
  • The full set massively increases the damage of all Life-spending Skills, and increases the healing from Skills, while also allowing them to increase your max health.
  • It also gives Blood Rush and Siphon Blood the effects of every Rune.
necromancer luxurious bauta

Set Items: Luxurious Bauta, Lavishing Gloves, Sophisticated Vest, Extravagant Shoes, Elegant Pants, Glamorous Gigot.

  • Is used for the Masquerade Bone Spear build.
  • The full set enhances Simulacrum, granting it all runes, and giving the Necromancer damage reduction while it’s up.
  • It also increases the damage of Bone Spear.

Necromancer Armor Set List

Bones of Rathma (6 Pieces)

Set Bonuses:

  • 2 set: Your permanent minions reduce the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 0.50 seconds each time they deal damage. Your skeletal warriors spawn faster, and your revived minions no longer expire.
  • 4 set: Your minions no longer take damage. You gain 1% damage reduction for 15 seconds each time one of your minions deal damage. Max 75 stacks.
  • 6 set: Each permanent active minion increases the damage of Army of the Dead by 1750%, up to 31,500%.

Grace of Inarius (6 Pieces)

Set Bonuses:

  • 2 set: Bone Armor damage is increased by 1000%.
  • 4 set: Bone Armor grants an additional 3% damage reduction per enemy hit.
  • 6 set: Bone Armor also activates a swirling tornado of bone, damaging nearby enemies for 1000% weapon damage and increasing the damage they take from the Necromancer by 10,000%.

Pestilence Master’s Shroud (6 Pieces)

necromancer pestilence robe

Set Pieces:

Set Bonuses:

Trag’Oul’s Avatar (6 Pieces)

Set Bonuses:

  • 2 set: Blood Rush and Siphon Blood gains the effect of every rune. Your Life-spending abilities no longer cost Essence.
  • 4 set: While at full Life, your healing from skills is added to your maximum Life for 45 seconds, up to 300% more.
  • 6 set: Your Life-spending abilities deal 10,000% increased damage and your healing from skills is increased by 100%.

Masquerade of Burning Carnival (6 Pieces)

necromancer sophisticated vest

Set Pieces:

Set Bonuses:

  • 2 set: Simulacrums no longer take damage, gains all runes, and its cooldown is refreshed when you die.
  • 4 set: While you have a Simulacrum, damage is reduced by 50%. Damage you take is split with your Simulacrums as well.
  • 6 set: Bone Spear deals 9,000% increased damage. Simulacrums gain triple this bonus.
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