Witch Doctor Leveling Build

This Build is used specifically for leveling your Witch Doctor. It centers around having a pack of pets helping you to quickly kill enemies, while leveling and getting gear for your main Build.

Leveling Builds are a great way to expedite your character to level 70. From there, you can work on setting your Witch Doctor up with optimal armor and weapons for your preferred Build to prepare for the more challenging levels.

Note that you will not be able to use all of these Skills and Passives immediately, so experiment and work with other Skills in the meantime. Leveling builds are very flexible, so don’t shy away from trying out different abilities to help you decide on a final Build. (Tip: Remember to enable “Elective Mode” in Settings -> Gameplay to be able to mix-and-match the skills much more easily across the categories.)


witch doctor leveling build
The Leveling Build in Skill Calculator

Numbers in brackets = [level required to unlock].

  • Summon Zombie Dogs [4] (Burning Dogs Rune [40]) – these dogs will be by your side at all times, providing you with some extra damage.
  • Soul Harvest [9] (Vengeful Spirit Rune [49]) – provides a great Intelligence boost when used against groups.
  • Haunt [12] (Resentful Spirits Rune [23]) – a powerful DoT you can put on enemies, which will spread to others as they die.
  • Spirit Walk [16] (Severance Rune [47]) – provides you with some mobility.
  • Gargantuan [19] (Humangoid Rune [22]) – gives you another, more powerful pet that will deal a lot of extra damage.
  • Acid Cloud [22] (Acid Rain Rune [26]) – serves as a large source of AoE damage.


Numbers in brackets = [level required to unlock].

  • Spirit Vessel [30] – provides you with a safety net from dying.
  • Fetish Sycophants [30] – gives you a chance to summon additional temporary pets.
  • Fierce Loyalty [45] – provides some mobility and allows you to have an extra Zombie Dog.
  • Grave Injustice [50] – grants some Health and Mana regeneration, as well as Cooldown Reduction.
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Witch Doctor Fresh Leveling Guide​

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Icy Veins

Witch Doctor Leveling Build Guide​

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Witch Doctor Leveling Guide

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