Monk Weapons

Once you reach level 70 and have chosen a Build for your Monk, you will want to start picking out the best weapons to complement it. Just like with the armor sets, the weapons are designed to enhance specific Skills from the Monk’s arsenal, which we will mention in the Best Weapons section of this guide. Note that while some of these weapons work best for a particular build when they are equipped, others should be Cubed (their effect stored via Kanai’s Cube).

Monk’s unique weapons are Fist Weapons (1-handed), and Daibo (2-handed).

  • Monks will generally prefer to dual wield weapons. However, a 2-handed weapon is also viable in some builds. The specific best weapons will be based on the build you choose.
  • For the most part, you will never use a Shield unless you need more survivability early on.
  • You will always want to use Flawless Royal Emeralds on your weapon sockets for the extra Critical Hit Damage.

Best Monk Weapons

diablo 3 kyoshiros blade

Kyoshiro’s Blade

(Fist Weapon)
Increases the damage of Wave of Light. The damage is further increased when it hits 3 or fewer enemies.
Best Use: Equip; LoD Wave of Light Build.
It boosts the Build’s main source of damage.

diablo 3 rabid strike

Rabid Strike

(Fist Weapon)
Makes any Spirit spenders that teleport you while Epiphany is active to be cast a second time by a clone.
Best Use: Equip; LoD Wave of Light Build.
Allows many more uses of Wave of Light.

diablo 3 won khim lau

Won Khim Lau

(Fist Weapon)
Causes hits to Tempest Rush to activate Cyclone Strike, and boosts the damage for both.
Best Use: Equip; PoJ Tempest Rush Build.
Boosts the Build’s main source of damage, and gives it an extra effect.

crusader pig sticker

Pig Sticker

(Fist Weapon)
While not having a Legendary effect, it has extremely high Attack Speed.
Best Use: Equip; PoJ Tempest Rush Build.
The high boost in Attack Speed works great with this Build.

diablo 3 balance


(Fist Weapon)
Greatly enhances the damage of Tempest Rush.
Best Use: Cube; PoJ Tempest Rush Build.
Boosts the Build’s main source of damage.

Monk Weapon Set

monk shenlongs fist of legend

Shenlong’s Spirit Set (2 Pieces)

Set Pieces:

Set Bonus:

  • 2 set:
    • The Damage of your Spirit Generator is increased by 2% for each point of Spirit you have.
    • When reaching maximum Spirit, all damage is increased by 350%, but you no longer passively regenerate Spirit and 65 Spirit is drained every second until you run out of Spirit

Best Use: Equip; Inna Mystic Ally Build.
The set gives a huge boost in damage.

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