Necromancer Weapons

Once you reach level 70 and have chosen a Build for your Necromancer, you will want to start picking out the best weapons to complement it. Just like with the armor sets, the weapons are designed to enhance specific Skills from the Necromancer’s arsenal, which we will mention in the Best Weapons section of this guide. Note that while some of these weapons work best for a particular build when they are equipped, others should be Cubed (their effect stored via Kanai’s Cube).

Necromancer’s unique weapons are Scythes (both 1-Handed and 2-Handed).

  • Necromancers will generally want to use a 1-handed weapon and an Off-Hand. The specific best weapons will be based on the build you choose.
  • You will always want to use a Flawless Royal Emerald on your weapon socket for the extra Critical Hit Damage unless you are using a support build. In that case, you’ll want to use either a Flawless Royal Amethyst for survivability, or the Gem of Ease for extra EXP.

Best Necromancer Weapons

diablo 3 funerary pick

Funrary Pick

(1-Handed Scythe)
Greatly enhances Siphon Blood, letting it spread to more targets, and giving you a damage boost while active.
Best Use: Equip; Trag’Oul Death Nova Build and Rathma Army of the Dead Build.
Gives a great overall damage increase.

diablo 3 bloodtide blade

Bloodtide Blade

(2-Handed Scythe)
Increases the damage of Death Nova for every enemy close to you (up to 25).
Best Use: Cube; Trag’Oul Death Nova Build.
Boosts the Build’s primary source of damage.

unique sword 1h 113 x1 demonhunter male


(1-Handed Sword)
Decreases skill cooldowns for 15 seconds after killing an Elite pack.
Best Use: Equip; Support Build.
The Cooldown Reduction is needed for the Build’s utility.

diablo 3 messerschmidts reaver

Messerschmidt’s Reaver

(2-Handed Axe)
Reduces the cooldown of a skill every time an enemy dies.
Best Use: Cube; Support Build.
Helps to massively reduce your cooldowns

Necromancer Weapon Set

necromancer jesseth skullscythe

Jesseth Arms (2 Pieces)

Set Pieces:

Set Bonus:

  • 2 set:
    • When the target of your Command Skeletons dies, your skeletons are automatically commanded to attack a nearby target.
    • While your skeletons are commanded to attack a target, you deal 400% increased damage.

Best Use: Equip; Rathma Army of the Dead Build.
The set gives a damage boost, and makes it much easier to keep Command Skeletons activated on a target.

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1-Handed Scythes

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2-Handed Scythes

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