How to Farm Legendary and Set Items

Once you hit level 70, one of your main goals will likely be getting your character a full set of gear, which will require getting a number of Legendary and Set items. Since the vast majority of this gear are just random drops from enemies and chests, you can’t just farm for a single piece of gear.

The best way to get more Legendary and Set pieces in general, is to continuously go through Nephalem or Greater Rifts, picking the highest level that you can clear in under 5 minutes.

Still, there are ways to only get the random items within a specific item type or upgrade and re-roll what you already have to greatly improve your chances of getting what you want.

Blood Shards

  • Blood Shards are a currency you can earn from completing Bounties and Rifts.
  • Greater Rifts are generally the best place to get them, and the maximum amount you can hold will increase with higher Greater Rift level.
  • You can use the Blood Shards at Kadala in any town, where you can gamble on a piece of gear for any slot.
  • This allows you to try to get a piece of gear for a specific slot only, greatly increasing the chance you will get what you want.

Upgrading Rares

  • The third recipe in Kanai’s Cube (Hope of Cain) allows you to upgrade a Rare item into a random Legendary or a Set piece of the same type.
  • It costs 25 Death’s Breaths, and 50 of each of the normal crafting materials (Reusable Parts, Arcane Dust, and Veiled Crystals), meaning it would be fairly cheap to use on your items frequently.
  • This can be used immediately after spending Blood Shards, upgrading any Rares you got at Kadala into Legendary items to give you an extra chance at the piece you want.
  • This method is even more efficient if you’re looking for a Class-specific piece of gear (such as Fist Weapons), since the item pool to draw from is smaller.

Set Items

There are a couple of extra things you can do if you’re looking for Set items.

Haedrig’s Gift

  • If you are playing a Seasonal character, you can get a free Class Set by completing chapters II, III, and IV of the Seasonal Journey.
    • This involves a list of tasks that changes every season, but is very easy to complete.
  • You can only do this once per season, so make sure you are completing these chapters with the Class you want, as the Gift will be tied to the Class you’re playing when you receive it.
  • The exact Set you get changes every season. Be sure to check if it is a set you want on that particular character.

Converting Set Items

  • The fourth recipe of Kanai’s Cube (Skill of Nilfur) will convert a Set item into another piece of the same set.
  • This is by far the best way to get a new Set piece if you happen to get a duplicate of a piece you already have.

The Ring of Royal Grandeur

The Ring of Royal Grandeur is an important ring for just about any build, as it will reduce the piece requirements of any set you’re wearing by one. This means that you can benefit from the full 6-piece set with only 5 pieces being worn, giving an endgame build a little more flexibility.

Because of how important this piece is, it’s worth noting that you cannot get it like most other Legendary items. The Caches from Bounties I – IV are the only way to obtain this Ring.

Ancient and Primal Items

Ancient and Primal items work like upgraded versions of a Legendary or a Set item. Ancients are about 30% stronger than a base Legendary/Set piece and have a golden border around their icon. Primals are essentially an Ancient piece with maximized stats, and will have a red drop beam and border around the icon.

These can drop just like normal Legendaries and Set items, but at a much lower rate (10% for Ancient, and 0.2% for Primals).

  • The only way to really ‘farm’ these items is to use the second recipe at Kanai’s Cube (Law of Kulle) to completely reroll the stats of a Legendary or Set item – when rerolling, it has a chance to upgrade the piece into Ancient or Primal quality.
    • Be careful re-rolling Ancient or Primal items: there is a chance to downgrade them.
  • You can also use the third recipe of Kanai’s Cube (Hope of Kain) to upgrade Rare items – there is a chance for them to come out Ancient or Primal.
  • You can upgrade a Legendary into a Primal by using the final recipe in Kanai’s Cube (Curiosity of Lorath Nahr).
    • You can only equip one Primal upgraded this way, however.
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How to Farm Legendary and Set Items

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