Transmog and Armor Dye

Don’t like how your armor looks? Luckily, you have two options to customize the appearance of your gear: Transmogs and Armor Dye. A Transmog will make your equipment look like another piece, while Armor Dye lets you change the color of your armor.

To access both of these, simply go to the Mystic in any town. All Armor Dye will be immediately available to you. In contrast, you will have to unlock pieces to Transmog.

Unlocking Transmog Pieces

To unlock new Transmog pieces, you simply need to find/craft a piece of gear and identify it (if it’s a Legendary or a Set piece), and it will automatically be added as an option. Once it’s part of your Transmog collection, you no longer need to hold onto the physical piece.


While there are almost no restrictions on what you can Transmog or change the color of, there are a few exceptions.

  • You can neither Transmog nor color equipment that doesn’t physically appear on your character (such as jewelry or Belts).
  • Weapons cannot be colored.
  • You can’t Transmog a piece of gear into something that your character cannot equip (gear that’s specific to another Class or a weapon your character can’t wield, for example. Level requirements are not a part of this limitation).
  • You can Transmog weapons into other types (like a Sword to an Axe), but not if they don’t share the same attack animation (you can’t make a 2-Handed weapon look like a 1-Handed one or a Ranged weapon, for example).
    • Some Class-specific items with unique attack animations (such as Wands and Fist Weapons) cannot be changed to a different type at all.
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