Altar of Rites

The Altar of Rites is a new mechanic added in Season 28 of Diablo 3. In essence, it works as a talent tree that will give boosts that are useful for all of your characters, no matter what Class they are. Each talent in this tree will cost resources, with the resources becoming more rare the more nodes you unlock.

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A look at the full talent tree (Altar of Rites)

The Altar of Rites

In order to use this new system, you will need to go to the Altar of Rites. The Altar can be found in the Festering Woods just outside of Tristram, and can be accessed at level 1. From here, you can sacrifice certain items to unlock a Seal, giving you a new passive bonus.

  • There are 26 Seals, and 3 Legendary Potion Powers.
    • Seals will give you a passive bonus, while the Legendary Potion Powers will give extra effects to your Legendary Potion when used.
    • Unlocking every Seal and Legendary Potion Power will unlock a final Seal, giving you the account-wide Wings of Terror cosmetic wings.
  • In order to be able to unlock a seal, the seal above it must be unlocked first.
    • For example, if you want to unlock Seal B or C, Seal A must be unlocked first.
  • The cost of unlocking a Seal will depend on how many Seals you have already unlocked, not on the Seal itself.
  • Every single Seal and Legendary Potion Power can eventually be unlocked, but will require quite a bit of farming.
    • Because of this, it is better to go straight for the Seals you want, as soon as possible.
  • All of your Altar of Rites progress carries over to ALL of your Seasonal characters.

Below are the powers for each Seal and Legendary Potion Power in the Altar of Rites:

AYour Kill Streak timer duration and reward bonus are doubled.
BPools of Reflection last for the entire Season and are not removed by death.
CItems have no level requirement.
D+200 Damage
E+25% Missile Damage Reduction
F+25% Movement Speed (Uncapped)
GIncrease damage against elites by 15%.
HPicking up Health Globes grants a shield for 5% of your maximum health for 7 seconds. Max stacks 5.
I+25% Melee Damage Reduction.
JIncreases your highest elemental skill damage bonus by 10%.
KIncrease damage against elites by 20%.
L+20% Damage
MDouble the amount of Death’s Breaths that drop.
NCritical hits grant resource:
Mana: 15
Hatred: 5
Wrath: 5
Arcane Power: 3
Fury: 3
Spirit: 5
Essence: 5
ODouble the amount of Bounty Caches that drop from completing bounties.
PProgress orbs from Nephalem and Greater Rifts are automatically picked up within 60 yards.
QReduces the damage taken from elites by 25%.
R+30% Damage
SGain immunity to crowd-controlling effects.
TGain passability.
UPets pick up Death’s Breath.
VElite packs drop one additional progress orb.
WIncrease damage done to Bosses by 25%.
XPets pick up and salvage common, magic, and rare items.
YIncrease your chance to Dodge by 15%.
ZDouble the chance to find a legendary item purchased from Kadala.
AA (Potion)When you drink your health potion, you manifest one of three runic circles on the ground that grant increased damage, increased cooldown reduction, or increased resource cost reduction.
AB (Potion)When you drink your health potion, all enemies within 25 yards deal 25% less damage.
AC (Potion)When you drink your health potion, gain a random shrine or the Dimensional Power pylon effect.
ADWhen a primal item drops, a second random primal item drops as well.

Below are the costs to unlock each Seal. The cost increases the more Seals you unlock, regardless of the Seal itself.

Seal NumberCost
110 Reusable Parts
21 Flawless Diamond (or greater), 15 Arcane Dust, 20 Resuable Parts
31 Greater Rift Key, 10 Death’s Breaths
4Any Class Specific Set Helm
520 Forgotten Souls, 10 Khanduran Runes, 10 Caldeum Nightshade, 10 Arreat War Tapestry, 10 Corrupted Angel Flesh, 10 Westmarch Holy Water
61 Leoric’s Regret, 1 Vial of Putridness, 1 Idol of Terror, 1 Heart of Fright
7Reaper’s Wraps
830 Forgotten Souls
91,100 Bloodshards
101 Flawless Royal Ruby, 20 Death’s Breaths, Ring of Royal Grandeur
111 Flawless Royal Emerald, 30 Khanduran Runes, 30 Caldeum Nightshade, 30 Arreat War Tapestry, 30 Corrupted Angel Flesh, 30 Westmarch Holy Water
1220 Greater Rift Keys, 1 Ramaladni’s Gift
131,300 Bloodshards
14Petrified Scream
15Challenge Rift Cache
16250 Forgotten Souls
171,400 Bloodshards
18Ancient Hellfire Amulet
19Four Tome of Set Dungeon Pages from your class
20Ancient Puzzle Ring, 50 Khanduran Runes, 50 Caldeum Nightshade, 50 Arreat War Tapestry, 50 Corrupted Angel Flesh, 50 Westmarch Holy Water
21500 Death’s Breaths, 300 Forgotten Souls
221,500 Bloodshards
23Whisper of Atonement Rank 125
24Any Augmented Weapon
25Staff of Herding
261,600 Bloodshards

Below are the costs for the Legendary Potion Powers. Although you need to unlock the corresponding Seals to unlock them, the costs with these are independent of how many Seals you’ve unlocked so far.

Potion NumberCost
155 Primordial Ashes
2110 Primordial Ashes
3165 Primordial Ashes

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