Crusader Weapons

Once you reach level 70 and have chosen a Build for your Crusader, you will want to start picking out the best weapons to complement it. Just like with the armor sets, the weapons are designed to enhance specific Skills from the Crusader’s arsenal, which we will mention in the Best Weapons section of this guide. Note that while some of these weapons work best for a particular Build when they are equipped, others should be Cubed (their effect stored via Kanai’s Cube).

Crusader’s unique weapons are Flails (both 1-Handed and 2-Handed).

  • Crusaders will generally prefer to use a 2-handed weapon and a Crusader Shield. However, a 1-handed weapon is also viable in some Builds. The specific best weapon for you will be based on the build you choose.
  • Likewise, depending on the build, you will want to use either a Flawless Royal Emerald (for extra Critical Hit damage) or a Flawless Royal Topaz (for extra Thorns damage) for your weapon socket.

Best Crusader Weapons

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(1-Handed Sword)
Decreases skill cooldowns for 15 seconds after killing an Elite pack.
Best Use: Equip; LoD Bombardment Build.
Keeps the cooldown of Bombardment low.

crusader the mortal drama

The Mortal Drama

(2-Handed Flail)
Doubles the number of Bombardment impacts, and increases its damage.
Best Use: Cube; LoD Bombardment Build.
Massively increases the Build’s main source of damage.

diablo 3 blade of prophecy

Blade of Prophecy

(2-Handed Sword)
Allows two enemies inflicted with Condemn to trigger Comdemn’s explosion. It also greatly increases Condemn’s damage.
Best Use: Equip; Akkhan Condemn Build.
Greatly enhances the Build’s main source of damage.

crusader pig sticker

Pig Sticker

While not having any special attacks, it has massive Attack Speed, and is the only weapon that can increase damage against Humans.
Best Use: Equip, Invoker Thorns Build.
The huge Attack Speed synergizes well with the Build.

diablo 3 echoing fury

Echoing Fury

(1-Handed Mace)
Grants you Fury when killing enemies, increasing your Attack Speed.
Best Use: Cube, Invoker Thorns Build.
The Attack Speed Boost synergizes well with the Build.

Crusader Weapon Set

crusader flail of the charge

Norvald’s Fervor Set (2 Pieces)

Set Pieces:

Set Bonus:

  • 2 set:
    • Increases the duration of Steed Charge by 2 seconds. In addition, killing an enemy reduces the cooldown of Steed Charge by 1 second.
    • Gain 200% increased damage while using Steed Charge and for 5 seconds after it ends.
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1-Handed Flails

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2-Handed Flails

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