Hellfire Amulet/Ring

The Hellfire Amulet can definitely be useful in some of the builds, as it will give you an additional Passive effect from your class, generated at random (allowing you to have 5 total). This piece of equipment cannot be obtained through normal means, however – you will need to find its crafting recipe and then acquire the materials to make it.

The older Hellfire Ring is now an obsolete Ring that isn’t used in any of the most popular builds. However, if you do wish to make one, the process will be the exact same as with the Hellfire Amulet.

Either the Amulet or the Ring can be crafted as a Dexterity, Intelligence, or Strength variants, but the materials needed will be the same. The Amulet will have your class’s Passive regardless of the variant you craft.

Obtaining the Recipe

Obtaining the recipe is the easiest part. Simply talk to Squirt the Peddler in the Hidden Camp in Act II and purchase it, then teach it to your Jeweler. Note that the recipe costs 5,000,000 Gold.

Obtaining the Materials

You will notice that you need 4 materials to make a Hellfire Amulet (aside from the 10 Forgotten Souls): Leoric’s Regret, Vial of Putridness, Idol of Terror, and Heart of Fright. There are a few steps you will need to take to get these:

  • You will need to find and kill four Keywardens in order to get Infernal Machines. These Machines are needed to get the actual materials to craft the Hellfire Amulet.
    • They will only appear and drop these on Torment I or higher, with more Machines dropping from the Keywarden on average the higher the difficulty is (up to 4).
  • There is a single Keywarden per Act in Acts I-IV, and they will always drop the same Infernal Machine type:
  • Once you have one Infernal Machine of each type, go to New Tristram in Act 1.
  • Head to Brother Malachi the Healer (marked by a heart icon on the minimap), and break the door next to him to open a portal to Heretic’s Abode.
  • Once inside, you can use the Infernal Machines to open up a portal, with the portal corresponding to the Machine type used.
    • Infernal Machine of Regret – takes you to the Realm of Regret, which will make you fight the Skeleton King and Maghda at the same time. Defeating them will drop Leoric’s Regret.
    • Infernal Machine of Putridness – takes you to the Realm of Putridness, which will make you fight Ghom and Raknoth at the same time. Defeating them will drop the Vial of Putridness.
    • Infernal Machine of Terror – takes you to the Realm of Terror, which will make you fight Zoltun Kulle and Siegebreaker Assault Beast at the same time. Defeating them will drop Idol of Terror.
    • Infernal Machine of Fright – takes you to the Realm of Fright, which will make you fight Diablo himself. At 75% and 50%, he will summon a random boss. Defeating him will drop Heart of Fright.
  • None of these fights should be hard for a level 70 character with a full set of gear.
  • The amount of materials dropped depends on the difficulty you complete these Realms in, with Torment XVI dropping 4.
    • Just like with the Keywardens, you can only do these Realms at Torment I or higher.
    • Since the Passive the Amulet gives is random, you might want to stack up on the Machines and the Materials to make a few of them at once.

Crafting the Hellfire Amulet

Once you have all four materials (and the Forgotten Souls), you can craft the Hellfire Amulet just like any other crafted Amulet.

  • The Amulet is guaranteed to have a socket when crafted.
  • The Hellfire Amulet will have a random Passive for the Class you are currently playing.
  • You can pick one main stat to have on the Amulet when you craft it (Dexterity, Intelligence, or Strength), with other properties chosen at random.
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Hellfire Amulet and Ring Crafting Guide

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