The Wizard is a very versatile Class that is a master of the elements and arcane power. They can either be a powerful ranged damage dealer, or otherwise one of the tankiest Classes in the game while fighting in melee range.

Primary StatIntelligence
Equipable WeaponsAll non-exclusive weapons except for Polearms.
Unique ArmorWizard Hats (Head), Orbs (Off-Hand)
Unique WeaponsWands (1-Handed Weapon)
  • The primary resource for Wizards is Arcane Power. It will quickly regenerate over time, naturally. Many of Wizard’s abilities will cost Arcane Power.
    • Skills, Passives, and Armor passives can help with gaining Arcane Power quicker.
  • The best Follower for Wizards is typically the Enchantress, as she is the only Follower who can provide Cooldown Reduction.
    • The Scoundrel is another good choice for Greater Rift pushing, as he can help with further boosting your damage.
  • The best Legendary Potion for Wizard is the Bottomless Potion of the Unfettered, to allow you to avoid crowd control effects.

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