Waste Whirlwind Rend Barbarian Build

A highly mobile and easy-to-use build that focuses on dealing damage with DoTs.


waste whirlwind rend barbarian build
Example Build in Skill Calculator

This build mainly revolves around the use of Rend, and spreading it to as many enemies as possible with the use of the Bloodbath Rune and Whirlwind. Whirlwind will also serve as your main Fury generator with the Wind Shear Rune.

Something to keep in mind is that the Rend effect applied by Whirlwind will not have the Bloodbath Rune, meaning you will have to use Rend manually to apply this effect.

Besides these two Skills, the other core Skills of this build are:



The primary armor is the Wrath of the Wastes set. You will need all six pieces to benefit from its full effects. Lamentation will allow Rend to stack on enemies twice, while Ambo’s Pride allows Whirlwind to apply the Rend effect when used. Mortick’s Brace greatly enhances Wrath of the Berserker, granting it all of its Rune effects. 

Bane of the Trapped, Taeguk, and Bane of the Stricken are generally the best Legendary Gems, all of which further increase your damage.

Equipment Stat Priorities

SlotStat Priorities
Weapons1. Damage Range
2. Socket (using Ramaladni’s Gift)
3. Cooldown Reduction
4. Elite Damage
5. Strength
6. Damage %
Helm1. Socket (Flawless Royal Diamond)
2. Critical Hit Chance
3. Strength
4. Vitality
Gloves1. Critical Hit Chance
2. Critical Hit Damage
3. Cooldown Reduction
4. Strength
Shoulders1. Rend Damage
2. Cooldown Reduction
3. Strength
4. All Resistance
5. Vitality
Chest1. Rend Damage
2. Sockets (3 Flawless Royal Diamonds)
3. Strength
4. Elite Damage Reduction
5. All Resistance
6. Vitality
Pants1. Sockets (2 Flawless Royal Diamonds)
2. Strength
3. All Resistance
4. Vitality
Boots1. Strength
2. All Resistance
3. Vitality
4. Armor
Rings1. Socket
2. Critical Hit Damage
3. Critical Hit Chance
4. Damage Range
5. Cooldown Reduction
Amulet1. Socket
2. Critical Hit Damage
3. Physical Damage
4. Critical Hit Chance
5. Strength
Bracers1. Physical Damage
2. Critical Hit Chance
3. Strength
4. All Resistance
5. Vitality
Belt1. Strength
2. All Resistance
3. Vitality
4. Life per Fury Spent
5. Life %

Paragon Points

1. Movement Speed1. Critical Hit Damage1. All Resistance1. Area Damage
2. Strength2. Critical Hit Chance2. Life %2. Pickup Radius
3. Vitality3. Cooldown Reduction3. Armor3. Resource Cost Reduction
4. Maximum Fury4. Attack Speed4. Life Regeneration4. Life per Hit
  • You can prioritize Vitality if you need more survivability.

Waste Whirlwind Rend Barbarian Guide

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Barbarian Rend Build with Wrath of the Wastes

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