Witch Doctor

Masters of summoning, the Witch Doctor has access to a wide variety of pets they can call upon to assist them. What they lack in defense they make up for in high damage and a variety of hexes and curses.

Primary StatIntelligence
Equipable WeaponsAll non-exclusive weapons.
Unique ArmorVoodoo Masks (Head), Mojos (Off-Hand)
Unique WeaponsCeremonial Knives (1-Handed Weapon)
  • The primary resource for Witch Doctors is Mana. It will refill slowly over time, and many Skills will cost Mana.
    • Unlike with most Classes, Witch Doctor’s Primary Skills will not naturally refill their resource.
    • Skills, Passives, and Armor passives can help with gaining Mana quicker.
  • The best Follower for Witch Doctors is typically the Enchantress, as she is the only Follower who can provide Cooldown Reduction.
    • The Templar is another good choice for Greater Rift Pushing, as he can increase your damage and help with survivability.
  • The best Legendary Potion for Witch Doctors is the Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid, which will allow you to break walls created by Waller enemies when used.

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Witch Doctor Class Overview​

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