Whimsyshire and the Staff of Herding

Whimsyshire is a secret level in Diablo 3. The enemies on this level and their art style are vastly different compared to the rest of the game – the map looks like a child’s drawing, while you fight enemies like unicorns and teddy bears. Everything else is the same, though, with drops being similar to any other level, with the expected gore when enemies die.

To access this level, you need to create the Staff of Herding, and there are several (most likely very time-consuming) steps involved in making this unique weapon.

Staff of Herding

The Staff of Herding is a Legendary that cannot be obtained through normal means. The Staff is nothing special on its own, aside from being a key to get into Whimsyshire.

  • The first thing you need is the Plan: Staff of Herding.
  • This recipe can only be dropped from defeating Izual.
    • Izual is located in Act IV, and can be found at the Great Span in the Silver Spire Level 1.
    • Keep in mind that he is not guaranteed to drop the recipe, so you may have to kill him several times before it drops.
  • Once you get the recipe, teach it to the Blacksmith. Then you have to get the materials to craft it – a Black Mushroom, Leoric’s Shinbone, Wirt’s Bell, Liquid Rainbow, and Gibbering Gemstone.
  • Each of these items can only be found in a specific place.

Black Mushroom

  • Found in the Cathedral Level 1 in Act I.
  • You will have to find a specific room that has a shape similar to a square with two entrances.
    • This will usually be on the bottom right corner of the map.
  • When you find the room, you will see Black Mushrooms growing out of the floor.
  • If you don’t see the room, leave and relog into your character to create a new map to search again.

Leoric’s Shinbone

  • Found in Leoric’s Manor in Act I.
  • Take the Waypoint to Leoric’s Manor, then head southwest until you’re inside. Once inside, enter the first room on the right, before the flight of stairs (northeast on the map).
  • At the end of this room, go to the fireplace. If there are Burnt Logs there, click on them to find Leoric’s Shinbone.
  • If there are no Burnt Logs, leave and relog into your character to create a new map to search again.

Wirt’s Bell

  • Find Squirt the Peddler at the Hidden Camp in Act II.
  • You can buy Wirt’s Bell for 100,000 Gold from him.

Liquid Rainbow

  • To find this one, you must first go to the Dahlgur Oasis in Act II, and search for Zaven the Alchemist.
    • The quickest way to search for him is to make a game in Campaign Mode and go to Act II, Quest 6: Betrayer of the Horadrim; Part 2: The Forgotten Ruins. From here, go southeast until you reach a dead end with a cul de sac.
    • Keep in mind that he will not always spawn. If you do not find him, leave the game and then resume until you do.
  • Once you find him, kill the enemies around him so you can interact with him, and he will open the path to the Mysterious Cave.
  • Inside the Mysterious Cave, look for a Mysterious Chest. This will contain the Liquid Rainbow.
    • This Chest is not guaranteed to be inside the cave.
    • If you do not find the Chest in the Mysterious Cave, restart the whole process until you find one.

Gibbering Gemstone

  • To find this one, you must search for the Caverns of Frost, which are found at the Fields of Slaughter in Act III.
    • Go to The Bridge of Korsikk waypoint, then make a circle around the map to look for the cave entrance.
    • If you find the entrance to Icefall Caves, leave and relog into the game, as the entrance for Icefall Caves and Caverns of Frost will never both be up.
  • Once inside, head to the second level of the Caverns of Frost.
  • In level 2, you will need to find and kill Chiltara. She has a chance to drop the Gibbering Gemstone.
  • If she doesn’t drop it, restart the whole process until one drops.

Entering Whimsyshire

  • Once you have all of the materials, craft the Staff of Herding and keep it in your inventory (it doesn’t need to be equipped).
  • Take the Waypoint to The Old Ruins in Act I, then take the path northwest until you find the Ghost of the Cow King.
  • Speak to him and he will open the portal to Whimsyshire.
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Whimsyshire/Staff of Herding Guide

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