Tips & Tricks

Below are a few tips and tricks that will help you through you adventures in Diablo 3.


  • Turn on Elective Mode in the options! This will give you much more freedom in setting your characters’ Skills, allowing you to put any Skill in any slot.
    • To find this option, go to Game Menu on the main menu, then select Options, and then Gameplay.
  • In the same place you turn on Elective Mode, turn on Advanced Tooltips as well. This will give you more details on the descriptions for your Skills and Passives, as well as your equipment.
  • In the Key Bindings menu in the Options, there is something called Force Move. If you bind this to a key, you can press it to guarantee that your character will move instead of attacking an enemy if you get surrounded.

Character & Difficulty

  • Remember that all Skills, Runes, and Passives can be switched for your character at any time, at no cost, so feel free to switch things around to see what combination works best for you.
  • Raise the game’s difficulty whenever you feel comfortable doing so. This will allow you to gain more experience and gold, and give you a better chance at finding better gear.
  • As a heavy part of the game is farming, keep the difficulty where you can comfortably kill enemies quickly.
  • Elemental Resistances are a great form of mitigation. All Resistance is especially useful against a huge range of attacks.
  • Any Lore Books you find will give you free EXP the first time you read them, so keep an eye out for them.
  • Holding Shift while comparing items will show the comparison as if your gear had no gems or augments, giving you a more accurate idea on if you got an upgrade or not.
  • When comparing Rings, hold Alt to show your second Ring instead of your first.
  • When distributing Paragon Points, hold Ctrl to spend 10 points at a time, or hold Shift to spend 100 at a time.


  • Get Kanai’s Cube as soon as possible. It is an extremely useful tool for any stage of your Diablo III journey.
  • If you see a Treasure Goblin or any of its variants, prioritize killing it as quickly as possible. They’ll drop a lot of useful items, and will run away if left alone.
  • Do Challenge Rifts every week to get a great boost in your materials.
  • If you find any Puzzle Rings, do not simply get rid of them, even if you’re not going to equip it. This is because it could be used at Kanai’s Cube to unlock a special area called The Vault, which will give you a huge amount of materials and Gold.
  • Never sell equipment that you’re ready to get rid of, as Gold is very easy to come by. Instead, Salvage everything at the Blacksmith to get more materials.

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